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There is also a very general manual in English and Spanish that covers warranty information. This Fender American Professional model sells for $1,399.99, while certain finishes and wood choices sell for $50 to $100 more. And every year, Fender Stratocaster fans eagerly await the release of a new Fender American Standard Stratocaster in anticipation of some changes from previous years that place them in the “must add to my collection” category. We also tested the new Strat with apps on our iPad using an Apogee Jam interface. This amp is very versatile and can be used to get clean, glassy, Fender tones as well as full blown, rockin’ Marshall-like distortion. Currently based in Phoenix, AZ, Matt is a member of the band, The Flippin Switches. This particular guitar we reviewed sounded fantastic acoustically. Putting a Creative Audio Labs Redeemer buffer in the circuit before our guitar cable definitely improved the tone and enhanced the sound of the pickups. It’s always nice to see a Strat in a different finish! The back of the neck is covered in a matte satin urethane finish while the fretboard is covered in glossy urethane. However, the new, narrow-tall frets counteract this a bit to make bending notes easier than on the previous series Strat. Whether that’s in part due to the real bone nut or the light weight of this Strat body is hard to say. Another enhancement is the treble-bleed circuit, which compensates for the familiar loss of treble tone when rolling back the volume control. V-MOD PICKUPS The pop-in style solves this problem by utilizing an arm tension adjustment to set just the right swing in the arm. The rest of the pickups delivered expected Strat tones, but lacked a bit of the expected glassiness. These are not noiseless pickups. The pop-in tremolo arm was upgraded for enhanced stability. You’ll notice from the pickup diagram above that the bridge pickup is the only one of the three without a blended magnet. We apologize if the translation is not perfect. Even after minutes of use, the guitar stayed in tune. Visit for additional information. It’s always nice to see a Strat in a different finish! 1 viewed per hour. How do you make a $1,500 guitar appealing and worth the price difference from less costly models? Rolling back the tone knobs on the guitar helped a bit. 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The Fender website is a comprehensive resource for most things that are needed including videos for set-up, intonation, truss rod adjustment, etc. The arm tension can also be adjusted for a perfectly dialed-in feel that matches any player’s preference. The tuners remain unchanged, a staggered modern style with a modern style string tree. This is a Fender exclusive that can correct not just concave neck bowing (like a single-action truss rod) but also correct for convex neck bowing. The back of the neck was covered in a matte satin urethane finish that made moving along the neck clean and smooth. Fender American Professional Stratocaster Maple Sienna Sunburst (2017), Chapman ML1 Modern Baritone Graphite (2017). The case that comes with the guitar is Fender’s Elite Molded Case. In 1954, Fender unveiled the Stratocaster (“Strat”) guitar. The neck is a standard 25.5” scale as found on most Stratocaster models, with a 9.5” radius, but has a new, “Deep C” shape. The bridge is a standard American, two-point design, and the bridge saddles are vintage bent steel. The first question Stratocaster fans are asking is whether there are significant changes, or is this just a way to give it a fancier name and charge more? Whatever the case, this guitar is stage and studio ready, and sure to appeal to a broad range of players while continuing to deliver classic Stratocaster tone. Bone nuts (one new feature) are not really costlier, while adding a treble bleed circuit costs perhaps a few dollars at worst. The American Professional is a fairly standard take on the tried and true strat, humbucker in the bridge and new finish! With a combination of classic tone and modern appointments, the Fender American Professional Series Stratocaster is the next step in one of the most iconic Often, there is a challenge finding that right balance of the arm being too loose or too tight. Well, yes, but as of 2017, the American Standards are dead. If you desire classic Fender Stratocaster tone with all the sparkle and none of the noise, check out the American Elite series, which features the fourth-generation noiseless pickups (reviewed here). The new pop-in tremolo arm securely stays in position, no matter how hard you play. G&L Legacy. Although many guitarists leave the volume knob set at 10 all the time, adjusting it can broaden the range of capabilities of the guitar. There are two Allen wrenches for truss rod and bridge saddle height adjustments. Since this guitar has a treble bleed circuit, it’s a perfect candidate to have the amp cranked and the guitar volume knob rolled down. Wisconsin native, Matt Abrams, has been playing guitar for over 30 years. Designed for comfort and speed, the new American Professional “Deep C” neck profile sports more substantial shoulders., 2-Point Synchronized Tremolo with Bent Steel Saddles and Pop-In Tremolo Arm. It is pure AlniCo  5, which is supposed to be punchy and bold, but we felt that it came across a bit harsh, one of the familiar critiques of Strat bridge-position pickups. While pondering the purchase of his next Strat, a man with 22 Stratocasters is asked by his wife, “How many Strats are too many?” To which he replies, “23?” Obviously, one can never have too many Stratocasters. Feeling how the sound of an unplugged electric guitar resonates through your bones acoustically sets the stage for what you should expect once plugged in. The guitar does appear to be a little bit of a hodgepodge of modern and vintage styles.

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