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Always prioritize creatures over casting Shock, but if your opponent plays something you’d rather not see, consider Bzzzting it away. Silverblade Paladin This creature gives two creatures double strike when it hits play. Shock shines best here, even more so than Lightning Strike. Leonin Vanguard is a much more effective card than the Swiftblade Vindicator. Just one mana kills 99.44% of the creatures in Magic with no muss and no fuss. Combat goes much smoother if your opponent has nothing to throw in the way of the early creatures you are mentoring, and Shock allows for both efficient removal and a consistent flow of creatures. I'm planning on building the most basic Boros aggro deck ever, but who should read it? Tajic is incredibly important to the deck thanks to the 3-power he brings to the mentor mechanic. It goes without saying that you want some mentors in your mentor decks. Another card you’ll want to prioritize over Lightning Strike. Just kind of awesome. Thanks for waiting! Aurelia is badass in this deck, no doubt about it. EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander If you play her and she survives into the next round… your opponent will likely just scoop. 2-toughness is well within range of a Shock, and given how prominent Red is in Standard, that’s likely how he will often die. On its own, it’s 4 damage, which can close a game, or two bodies which can allow for stabilizing blocks. A single mentor +1/+1 counter turns these cards into threats and even pushes Boros Challenger out of range of all Red removal… except for Lava Coil . Read MTGO Based Articles or Become a Writer for PureMTGO and earn some credit! 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Great top deck. Otherwise… what’s the point? Heck, Aurelia is even susceptible to being captured by. It’s not the best card in the deck, but you’ll always be happy to play this on turn-1, especially if you have our other two-drop creature in hand. Commission for of her OC Lucien. Founded in 2008 by creative director James Paick, the Los Angeles-based studio has an enviable client list including Riot Games, Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Epic Games, Universal, NCsoft, Naughty Dog, Sony and Wizards of the Coast, and is rapidly branching into other fields, […]. Red's best instants "blow things up real good." Boros Challenger is better since it doesn’t die to Shock, but Sunhone Stalwart is effective against a lot of 2-toughness creatures. Fantasy Knight, Buy Magic The Gathering - Archangel of Thune (5/249) - Magic 2014: Toys & Games - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Iroas, Aurelia, Adriana, Tajic? So, rotation has come and gone and the Legion was in a bad way. That essentially ups your firepower by double by being in play. Hitting your curve is important, but if you don’t, you’ll need some form of control to keep your foes at bay. Don’t put them in the main deck since it similarly knocks you off curve, but don’t be afraid to put it in against Mono-Green, Golgari, or Izzet Drakes. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. See more ideas about mtg art, magic the gathering, fantasy art. Ignore Swiftblade Vindicator. Do not fear sending Tajic into battle when he faces certain doom. DISCUSSION. That's Swords to Plowshares in a nutshell: the best single target removal spell in Magic, but sometimes you want to be the one gaining life… (repeat loop) RED. Everyone knows that most Boros commanders are made to swing in and beat face. Lightning Strike is obviously the card you want the most from these. Scribble Pad Studios works with everyone from videogame developers to theme park companies. I found this out after sinking all of my free resources from Magic Arena into making my deck, and sadly, I don’t have much motivation to build more decks knowing that grinding for cards was tough enough to build one. Most of the time, you’ll have a Boros Challenger and/or a Sunhome Stalwart on the board on turn-4, and with even just two mentors, Heroic Reinforcements causes 12 damage. This makes it one of the best black three drops ever. This card is absurd in the Boros Mentor deck. and most importantly, pumping your mentors before combat to get the mechanic flowing early. I’ve tried them all, and none of them are effective enough to win the game like the uncommon and rare mentors are. Iroas, God of Victory. if you're going zoo/aggro sort of build, with tonnes of small dudes followed by armageddon/ruination, i'd steer well away from mass creature kill spells. As mentioned before, Tajic, Legion’s Edge is vital for this deck to get mentor counters flowing early in the game. Unimpressive stats that can’t pump up your creatures on its own, but with a mentor on turn-2, Legion Warboss’ free creatures start turning into legitimate 2/2 bodies. Sep 5, 2016 - Explore Kārlis Starks's board "Boros" on Pinterest. On turn-4, it can start attacking as well, spreading the counters further. She can’t be targeted by Cast Down, she survives all Red removal, she blocks some of the formats most dangerous creatures, and she blocks them even more effectively with a mentor counter on her. Lava Coil is more of a sideboard card here. Our first game which was created in 2014, Kings of the Realm is a free to play, strategy MMO set in a fantasy world of conquest, alliance and betrayal. Seal Away also makes the main deck since it can take out larger threats like Doom Whisperer and Ghalta so much easier. The cheap cost of Shock clears out early threats while still allowing you to cast creatures on tempo. Later in the game, if you desperately need a strong attacker to finish off an opponent, they aren’t going to ignore an 11/1 goblin charging in, making this a great distraction for the end of the game. Turn-3: Tajic, Legion’s Edge… attack with Tajic, Boros Challenger and Goblin Banneret… Tajic pumps Boros Challenger into a 3/4, and Boros Challenger pumps Goblin Banneret into a 2/2. All that investment… for nothing really. The site features the complete package for you to write articles including man features that make writing magic articles easy and fun! On turn-3, with a Goblin Banneret or Boros Challenger on the board, it becomes a 2/2 with a mentor check. Face it, without the mentor mechanic aligning and working perfectly, you’re just playing a deck of 1/1, 2/2, and 2/3 creatures that can’t stand up to some of the more dominant decks in Magic. Those with the aggro experience, who is the best Boros commander? She effects the board immediately, giving 2-power to any creature, most likely a mentor, which will easily pump up another mentor.

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