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I found more info about Peluches, is an average variety regarding flavor. - Shape commonly obovoid, weight 2 to 3 ounces. For the first time after 6 yrs my big Jim is producing big fruits. Left for a week it wrinkles and dries turning even sweeter but does not rot. The Victor loquat. Tanaka. The Chinese group, so far as is known at present, includes only late-ripening varieties. but my aunt has a Li Jujube. What is the best variety of loquat? The Queensland varieties are not extensively planted, and probably are not so good as those of California. Tanaka is vigorous, the leaf a little narrower than in our loquats. Each different variety has a slightly different fruit. One of them, Tanaka, has been introduced into the United States by David Fairchild and into Algeria by L. Trabut. Loquat varieties do not ripen well off of the tree, and are usually quite tart when picked early. Frank N. Meyer observed several in his travels in China, but mentioned specifically only one, the pai-bibaw, or white loquat. (X about \), Fig. 33). - Shape oval pyriform to oblong pyriform; size medium large, weight 2 ounces, length 2 1/2 inches, breadth 1 3/4 inches; base tapering slightly; apex broad, flattened, with the basin shallow, narrow, abrupt, the calyx-segments short, broad, the eye small and closed; fruit-cluster compact; surface yellowish orange, tinged with red in the fully ripe fruit; skin thick, tough, acid; flesh pale orange, translucent, melting and very juicy; flavor very sweet, pleasant; quality good; seeds 2 or 3, the seed cavity not large. I hear good things about Strawberry but I haven't tasted it or found scion wood yet. Loquat, Japanese Plum - Yehuda variety. The regions in which named varieties of the loquat have been developed are China, Japan, Queensland, India, Sicily, Algeria, and California.. Little is known of the Chinese varieties. It has not rained in 6 plus weeks and this is where these sized up 50% and now ripening. Kusano states that Tanaka belongs to this class. The Chinese type is large, pyriform, and deep orange-colored, while the Japanese is smaller, lighter colored, and sometimes slender in form. A few years ago I bought 8 Tanaka and 8 Algerie loquats grafted in quince. One, named Taza, which Trabut produced by crossing Tanaka and one of the best Algerian loquats, is considered meritorious. It is a productive variety, and the fruit-clusters are large and handsome. Early Red. Most commercial growers keep the height to around 15-feet to make it more manageable to pick the fruit during harvest season. The proportion of flesh to seeds is large. - Shape oval to oblong-pyriform; size large, weight 2 1/2 ounces, length 2 1/2 inches, breadth 1 3/4 inches; base tapering slightly; apex flattened, the basin shallow, moderately broad, rounded, the calyx-segments short, the eye large, nearly open; surface orange-yellow to salmon-orange in color, downy; skin moderately thick and tough; flesh whitish, translucent, melting and juicy; flavor subacid, pleasant; quality good; seeds 4 or 5, the seed cavity not large. Earliest variety to ripen. The season of this variety is May and June at Orange, California. Best flavor is when they reach a slight orange-yellow tint. For others of minor value, the reader is referred to Condit's bulletin and to the articles by Trabut in the Revue Horticole de l'Algerie. (L.A. County). Best Tasting Loquat Variety? Unfortunately the Spanish nursery i bought them from messed up and send me a few Magdal loquats… Loquat Trees. Loquats grow well throughout Florida, enjoy full sun, and are drought-tolerant, although fruit production may be affected by lack of water, and the flowers and fruit can be damaged by freezing temperatures.

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