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Approximate Hardness Conversion No.s for Cartridge Brass (70&perc Cu 30% Zn Alloy) Vicker’s Hardness Number (HV) Rockwell Hardness Number B Scale, 100 Kgf (HRB): Rockwell Hardness Number F Scale, 600 Kgf (HRF): Rockwell Superficial Hardness No. Rockwell Hardness Test Blocks (Brass) Part No. Conversion table/chart for Brinnel and Rockwell hardness scales and tensile strengths. When the hardness is lower than 20HRC, 1HRC≈11.5HB. 45T Scale, 45 Kgf (45T) 15T Scale, 15 Kgf (15T) Rockwell Superficial Hardness No. Rockwell hardness test is one of the most common indentation hardness tests, that has been developed for hardness testing. RFQ/Terms Careers 1(800)435-6621 In other words, the more pressure that is required to indent the surface, the higher the number on the scale will be. The hardness of brass has traditionally been discussed in terms relative to its maximum hardness. Publication No.36 by the Copper Development Association (CDA) in the 1960’s show that for cartridge brass full hard is typically 175-185HV and fully annealed cartridge brass is typically 65HV. 30T Scale, 30 Kgf (30T) Rockwell Superficial Hardness No. Convert Brinell (HBW), Rockwell (HRC), Vickers (HV), and Knoop (HK) hardness and steel tensile strength. HRC HB HV HRA Rm (Tensile Strength) Diamond penetrator Brinell 3000 Kgf Vickers 30 Diamond penetrator N/mm MPa; 68 – 940: 85.6 – 67 – 900: 85.0 – 66 – 865: 84.5 Description Shape Range Comments 900330-9414BH Rockwell B Square 80’s Made in USA 900330-9414BL Rockwell B Square 50’s Made in USA Phase II offers a vast array of different hardness test blocks for Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers scales, as well as Portable hardness … This chart shows you the approximate hardness conversion numbers for non-austenitic steels. Buy metals and plastics online in small quantities, cut to order. Rockwell Hardness (HRC and HRB) and Brinell Hardness (HB or BHN) are most commonly used for steel and iron castings. The Rockwell Hardness rating is abbreviated to HRC and the numbers determine a material’s ranking on the scale – the higher the number, the harder the material. Brinell hardness of cartridge brass – UNS C26000 is approximately 100 MPa. Hardness of Brass – Cartridge Brass – UNS C26000. Brinell Hardness: Vickers Hardness: Rockwell Hardness: Tensile Strength: 100 HB: 105 HV - HRC: 335 N/mm 2: 101 HB: 106 HV - HRC: 338 N/mm 2: 102 HB: 107 HV Notes: For cutting processing, 1HRC≈10HB can be basically converted (the hardness of the workpiece material has a fluctuation range) The most common Brinell, Rockwell, and Vickers hardnesses of metal materials are all indentation hardness. Although there is no accurate conversion tables and equations, but dandong foundry recommend the following formulas and comparison tables according to the experience and standards. The higher the number, the harder the material, but only relative to other numbers within a given scale. Brass. The Rockwell C scale is usually abbreviated HRC (Hardness Rockwell C), while the Rockwell B scale is abbreviated HRB (Hardness Rockwell B).

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