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What would you like to do? ... Like Flowers: Philosophy and Poetry, Music and Eros In Holderlin, Nietzsche, And Heidegger (Suny Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy) (State University of New York Press, 2007) [B 3317.B2] Jonathan Bate, 'What are Poets For', chapter in The Song of the Earth (Picador, … If you grasp a property P via a concept C, then C is a concept of P. But the reverse does not hold: you may have a concept of a property without grasping that property via any concept. Deprecated: wp_make_content_images_responsive is deprecated since version 5.5.0! Plato and Aristotle introduced the difficult moral and epistemological questions that result from the differentiation between reality and mimesis, or representation. Back Matter: The Sexual Politics of Meat argues that what, or more precisely who, we eat is determined by the patriarchal politics of our culture, and that the meanings attached to meat eating are often clustered around virility. Beginning with Reid’s essay ‘Memory’ in Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man, we trace out a line of development of ideas about the temporality of experience that runs through Dugald Stewart, Thomas Brown, William Hamilton, and finally the work of Shadworth Hodgson and Robert Kelly, both of whom were immediate influences on James (though James pseudonymously cites the latter as ‘E.R. Comment: A collection of essays that represent a range of continental-philosophy influenced approaches within feminism, for example with selections from the work of Judith Butler and Kelly Oliver. Sign up . 1982, In: Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection, Columbia University Press, pp. Silverman (ed. Some chapters would also be fitting on classes concerning race and mass incarceration. However, an important set of precursors to these works has not been adequately investigated. Embed Embed this gist in your website. Continental philosophy, series of Western philosophical schools and movements associated primarily with the countries of the western European continent, especially Germany and France.The term continental philosophy was adopted by professional philosophers in England after World War II to describe the various schools and movements then prominent in continental Europe and to distinguish … ), Phenomenal Concepts and Phenomenal Knowledge: New Essays on Consciousness and Physicalism. In the second part of the article I discuss the implications of this account with respect to the status and meaning of first, second and third person perspective of cognition. Continental philosophy includes German idealism, phenomenology, existentialism (and its antecedents, such as the thought of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche), hermeneutics, structuralism, post-structuralism, deconstruction, French feminism, psychoanalytic theory, and the critical theory of the Frankfurt School as well as branches of Freudian, Hegelian and Western Marxist views. Abstract: Plato claims that representational art is dangerous because of its deceptive nature. I will argue further that these responses may in fact be more dependent upon the quality of the narrative structure of the fiction than the mode or media through which it is presented. The changing nature of the media of fictional discourse calls for a reexamination of the theory we employ in understanding these experiences. Comment: Background reading on temporal perception – a nice historical survey of discussions of the specious present. H.J. As it is a collection of essays, particular chapters can easily be used separately, some serving as introductory, others as more advanced readings. Note that Philosophy books should be read slowly. Comment: This is a clear and easily accessible introductory text on the relationship of feminism to vegetarianism. Babette E. Babich, Words in Blood, Like Flowers: Philosophy and Poetry, Music and Eros In Holderlin, Nietzsche, And Heidegger (Suny Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy) (State University of New York Press, 2007) [B 3317.B2] Jonathan Bate, 'What are Poets For', chapter in The Song of the Earth (Picador, 2000) [PR 145.B2] 2. Ancient theories often hold special value when they continue to help us understand current issues, but what would Plato make of an IMAX film? Last active Apr 11, 2016. Each chapter concludes with a summary and further reading and there is an extensive annotated bibliography. 1-31. The list is divided into three parts covering Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Use wp_filter_content_tags() instead. First; Previous; 1; 2; Last; See Also. Abstract: This chapter employs the relevant ethical phenomenologies of Buber, Lévinas, Kierkegaard, and Nietzsche as well as the philosophical psychoanalysis of Lacan to examine the moral good of difference and to determine the rationale of treating either self or other as more deserving of good. This is politically important, for by theorizing how gender and race fit within different structures of social relations we are better able to identify and combat forms of systematic injustice. 2013, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. To this end, Levitical and Deuteronomic texts are invoked as a shared philosophical basis for understanding the difference between self and other. There has been a long-standing debate between these two positions on representation, both of them still having different strengths even when applied to contemporary situations. A few people have asked me to compile some sort of list of philosophical texts directed at teaching philosophy to someone who has had little or no exposure to philosophy, academic or otherwise. Divided into three sections - From Phenomenology to Hermeneutics, From Marxism to Critical Theory and From Structuralism to Deconstruction - it features the key thinkers of those movements with their most widely read and representative writings. Existentialism is a name for a philosophical and cultural movement that developed in Northern Europe in the late nineteenth century and was popularized by a number of French philosophers in the mid-20th century. In the liminal space between the two, the “I” is experienced in its full heterogeneity to the frequent detriment of traditional ethical, aesthetic, and scientific considerations. In these previously published essays, Sally Haslanger draws on insights from feminist and critical race theory to explore and develop the idea that gender and race are positions within a structure of social relations. Continental Philosophy Existentialism.

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