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Split custody order: A split custody order is rare. Complete the form below, so we can contact you soonest! No one deserves to suffer from family violence. If parties are represented by a legal counsel, they can bring back the draft agreement to their respective lawyers. You might ask, “I am the mother of my children, I should be granted sole custody of my children, right?” Is this statement true? During mediation, the judge suggested to channel us to Family Services instead where the counsellor access our situation and submit report to family court. The Custody Evaluation Report … The most critical factor is continuous care arrangement. Being divorced, it does not end the relationship between the parent and the child. There are 4 types of child custody in Singapore. Hybrid means one parent is granted custody but he/she need to seek the opinion or agreement of the other parent on issues that relate to the child’s welfare. Am I able to file against the other party with evidence first and only take it to the surface when matter gets worse? It details the terms and conditions of access for parents. If the child is more than 10 years of age, the Court will consider the child’s wishes as to which parent is he/she more comfortable to stay with. Both parents are to work out on a suitable schedule for the visits. Required fields are marked *. How can parties make the Family Conference a helpful process for them? One parent would be able to make all major decisions for the child, except for some decisions which must be made jointly by the parents. CAPS comprises a diverse team of experienced counsellors, psychologists, and social workers, collectively known as Court Family Specialist (CFS). Sole custody means whichever parent being granted this custody, will be the sole decision maker for all major milestones for the child. And if the mother is not a working mum with no source of income, will she still be eligible to be granted with sole custody? What are the implications on your child otherwise? Mandatory Counselling Counselling will be conducted by approved counselling agencies like PPIS, Jamiyah, Darul Arqam, etc. Do mothers normally get sole custody? Both this report as well as the Access Evaluation Report will be done at the Family Court as the officers do not do home visits. So what is the difference between custody and care and control? the Custody Evaluation 4. These reports are confidential and are only read by the courts. The CGC report is sent directly to the court 4-6 weeks after its order. Typically, a full custody evaluation takes about three months from the first appointment date. Another reason why sole custody is given is when some parents give up the custody of the child to the other parent, in order for them to gain a better leverage on other matters. However, should the CFS assesses that there is an imminent risk of harm to parties or others, or there are allegations of serious child abuse, the CFS has the obligation to inform others to ensure safety of lives. Distributionof this child custody investigation/evaluation report is made to the following individuals and/or entities: [Rule 1257.3(e)(1)(C) and 1257.1(d)(1)(D)] Clerk of the court Mother/mother’s attorney Father/father’s attorney Child/child’s attorney Statewide data collection point. When the CFS meets with parties individually, these sessions are also confidential in that the CFS cannot share what is discussed to the other party without permission. By law, a court can order a fine for an unwarranted disclosure of the child custody evaluation report What if I disagree with the evaluator's report? If need be, a support person such as a social worker or a family member may be involved in the session. This order gives both parents equal rights in bringing up the child. There are support groups that assist both parents and children to cope better in their new situation. In Singapore, the Courts are increasingly giving out more joint custody as compared to sole custody. The Youth Courts deal mainly with 3 types of cases namely Youth Arrest Cases (YAC), Beyond Parental Control (BPC) and Care and Protection Order (CPO). If parties are able to reach a resolution on the issues, a trial would likely not be needed for the case. Empowers parties to work collaboratively toward more constructive solutions. The DSSAs provide longer term counselling on co-parenting and children issues, supervised visitation and exchanges, as well as other programmes to support families undergoing divorce. If deem suitable, CFS would also seek to assist the parties to reach a resolution on the matter of application of PPO. During the initial process of applying for PPO in the FJC, a Court Family Specialist (CFS) would be assigned to attend to the applicant of the PPO. The Court may also call for a custody evaluation report in Singapore to help it make a decision. The custody & access evaluation report, containing information obtained by the counsellors, including recommendations on parenting plans moving forward and their opinions, will be provided to the Court. As such the work of CAPS is guided by philosophy of transformative and restorative justice for individuals and families, to ensure the best interest of children during and after court proceedings. Is there any condition that you need to satisfy to have that privilege? With the support of the CFS, parents can iron out details of their parenting plan at the counselling sessions. And child custody is one of the most controversial issue in a divorce. The information contained within this website contains general information about our lawyers, Law Firm and procedures and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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