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Looking back now, Cooper sees positives and negatives to those time. The photographers are split into loose groups. More conservative, socially and politically, than the West Coast,” explained Delaney when asked to describe the vibe of New York at that time. Image via Bruce Davidson. Throughout the 1980s Richard Sandler thrived on capturing the grit of Manhattan. Robert Frank: While many of his contemporaries were photographing the optimistic post-war United States of the ’50s, the Swiss-born Frank set out on a road trip to capture a much darker and more realistic view of the country, culminating in arguably the most famous book in photographic history, The Americans. We’re also on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Flipboard. Sandler's evocative stills are the work of a photographer with a keen eye, always at the ready to click when the moment is right. Aside from immortalizing a moment in history, her images have inspired graffiti and street artists for years to come after their publication in Subway Art. Leiter used many strategies to enhance the painterly look and feel, including shooting in the rain and snow, photographing through windows, including reflections, and combining many elements at different depths, often bringing out strong colors in out-of-focus foreground elements. Using his camera as a way to connect with his community, Shabazz shows an uncanny ability to capture the spirit of his subjects. Street photography is the art of capturing natural, unplanned moments that show a glimpse behind the curtain, and in this case, the aim is to show what New York is like and what it feels like on and under the surface – the people, the stress, the grind, the longing, the ups, the downs, the loneliness, and the camaraderie, amongst other things. California-based photographer Janet Delaney brought her West Coast sensibilities with her on several trips to New York from 1984 to 1987. While working as a photojournalist for The New York Post, Martha Cooper's encounter with young graffiti artists would take her on a path of documenting one of the most significant underground art movements of the 20th century. Garry Winogrand: The godfather of classic New York street photography, the restless and energetic Winogrand obsessively captured daily life in both the city and around America from the ’50s to the early ‘80s. Friedlander turned his eye towards the social landscape and contemporary urban life, often focusing on desolate streets, creating feelings of tension, peculiarity, and unease. Through his work, he was able to promote graffiti as a form of creative expression and gave voice to young, struggling artists. READ MORE: Former Taxi Driver’s Candid Shots of New York Over Three Decades. Brooklyn, NY 11232. When she’s not spending time with her three dogs, she also manages the studio of a successful street artist. The New York I saw was not the hip, glamorous place depicted in fashion magazines or Hollywood movies. Find out how by becoming a Patron. What culminated is one of the most stunningly beautiful bodies of work in photography’s history. Here, he photographed the lively street culture that existed in a then little-documented area of the city. Weber's pulled back and documentarian approach gives his work a raw, gritty feel. In 1980, he began shooting a series of images within the New York subway. Chalfant is not only a photographer, but also a co-producer of the historic PBS graffiti documentary Style Wars. On the surface, the work of Martin Parr is filled with playfulness, whimsy, and garish color, but deep down this humor both highlights and masks a harsh critique of society. Bruce Davidson: While not strictly a New York photographer, Bruce Davidson has created some of the most iconic New York photographs of the 20th century. Alec Soth: While not street photography in the technical sense of the term, Soth’s work holds the spirit and influence of the genre, using a mixture of portraits and landscapes to give us a glimpse into fascinating areas of America, including the Mississippi River and Niagra Falls, mixed with a sense of himself.

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