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Which is a fender hot rod deluxe 111. Sin dalla sua introduzione, la Fender Telecaster So enough of the bias, maybe a price drop in import duties may secure more USA sales , but that's a different bias. Fender MIA Telecaster. You don’t have to worry about your made-in Mexico Tele pulling its weight when it comes to sound. However, there are some updated specs. Musicians love the Tele today just as much as they did back then, and it is one of most popular guitars of all time. Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. To reflect our commitment, we updated our terms and conditions. But what about the student, hobby guitarist or working musician? And you can land one for less than half the cost of the American version. If you’re having trouble deciding between the American Tele and the MIM Telecaster, you may want to consider the American Special Telecaster. Except, of course, to you. The Standard Telecaster is about as simple as a guitar can get, and for many players that is the beauty of it. La Standard Telecaster incorpora il meglio di vecchio e nuovo, You don’t have to look very far to find one that exactly meets your needs. BTW, your MIM Telecaster is fine with me. They are still made in Mexico, so as far as build quality a reliability goes they are essentially the new MIM Fenders. Follow this product to see new listings in your feed! But Fender couldn't ignore the growing demand for a more versatile, modernised version. If you’re looking for a great guitar for a reasonable price for right now, MIM Fenders are one of the best options out there. Sorry about yours, Jimmy... Wesman Todd Shaw from Kaufman, Texas on June 01, 2016: Gosh dang, Big Jim, sure didn't sound like trash in that video up there. By clicking Subscribe, I agree my data may be used for marketing purposes including email communications and third party marketing. suonabilità. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. For one thing not one sounds the same and I like them. And remember, you can swap out any components you wish, from pickups to pots, to get that perfect sound you’ve always been looking for. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Standard Fenders might not be as perfect as their USA-made cousins, but they’re still pretty darn good guitars, especially for the price. I have a MIM Tele. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. @SAmmy - I agree that those Strat-style headstocks look a little off on a tele. When looking to buy a Fender Standard Telecaster, you're faced with two main options - the Mexican made (MiM) and the more expensive American made (MiA). Like the rest of the Standard Telecaster, the controls are simple and classic. MIM guitars get a thicker polyester finish, and the wood used, while good quality, isn’t as choice as that of the USA Fenders. Bought my midnight wine MIM tele new in 1998. Shop new & used Fender Standard Telecasters on Reverb. Oops, looks like you forgot something. oh and China made legit Modern Players (or maybe with a different subname). American Fenders are amazing instruments. But if you’re a guitar player on a budget Fender still has you covered with their Mexican-made lineup of guitars and basses. I just bought a 2000 that has a pretty good sound but "how would I know if it's been reworked?" ponte strings-through-body a sei sellette.Le nuove caratteristiche comprendono Learn More. Sad that most people would buy a MIM Tele. Thanks for the help. It has been played a lot (I can tell by the wear), and it has been in a closet for the past three years. I have a MIM Tele and Strat plus a MIA SG ,they all have there own sound that fits most of what I play. as long as they are made in north America. Great guitar. The thinner finish means the wood used in the American guitars has more influence over the tone than in the MIM Telecaster, and we know great tone starts with great wood. The Fender Standard Telecaster is based on one of the most popular guitar models of all time. one rocks and the other roles. I HAVE HAD A MEXICAN TELE FOR TWO YRS NOW PLAYS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. The other two are normal tele's. So what’s up with this Made-in-Mexico thing, and what’s the difference between a MIM Fender and the American-made version? This item: Fender Standard Series Telecaster Bridge Assembly - Chrome $21.57. Think what you may, but the Tele has always been a workhorse, and the made-in-Mexico Fender Standard Telecaster is the epitome of a workhorse guitar: simple, effective, affordable. Can't put them down . While the stock pickups on the Mexican Tele are just fine, Fender Custom Shop pickups are legendary. So what’s the difference between MIM and MIA Fenders? Guitar Gopher is a guitarist and bassist with over 35 years of experience as a musician. I like what people are saying about the Mexican Teles. The middle position of the selector switch activates both pickups. American Special Fenders are made in the USA, but not quite at the same quality level as a true American Tele. All around, the American Telecaster is just a better guitar than its Mexican cousin. Learn More, We understand the importance of online privacy and are committed to complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. :-). The Jim Root Telecaster, James Burton Standard Telecaster, Buddy Guy Stratocaster (polka dot model), Robert Cray Stratocaster and Jimmie Vaughan Stratocaster use an “MSN” serial number prefix. So what does Made in Mexico mean to you? If the Telecaster is your dream guitar you can make it happen. è stata la chitarra prediletta dei professionisti per il suono potente e la grande One of the biggest knocks against the MIM Tele is simply that it is not an American Telecaster. Got a 2012 Standard MIM in Olympic White w/ maple neck, swaped pickups with dual SD Hotrails. Would love to own a MIA some day. Fender were churning out rubbish when CBS took over and by the early to mid 70's Fenders straight out of the box were unplayable and had badly fitting necks ( often needing shimmed) and the intonation was never good. Il suono che ha creato leggende! It’s a big bridge, and it extends all the way out under the bridge pickup. Some players like to swap out the stock bridge for a vintage bridge with three T-shaped saddles rather than the six-saddle modern version. So far this article has discussed all of the great things about the Standard Telecaster, but now we will take a look at what this guitar is not. Note: in October 2010, some artist models switched to the new “MX10” numbering scheme. Who cares where they are made if you get that sound and feel you're looking for half the price.

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