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SCOPE Only solid blending components which are sources of primary (N, P and K) and/or secondary (e.g. soil structure, the compatibility of commercial fertilizers with application techniques, the composition of nutr i-ent solutions and crop response. SOLUBILITY OF FERTILIZERS FOR FERTIGATION SOLUTIONS. Interaction between fertilizers nutrients-compatibility potential compatibility problems. Compatibility and mixing charts for different fertilisers are available. Minimum content of conditioning agents. Fertigation Fertilizer Compatibility Chart Full solubility. 5. Open hydroponics. Fertilizers Urea Ammonium Ammonium Calcium Mono ammonium Mono potassium Potassium. 4. Quick dissolution in water. High nutrient content in the saturated solution. Their solutions should be prepared in two separate tanks. Fertilizers compatibility soil temperature Proper fertigation scheduling can maximize the fertilizers use efficiency & Crop yield Different factors affecting the fertigation scheduling . Compatibility with other fertilizers, 6. 9. 2. The solubility of a fertilizer is determined as the maximum amount that can be completely dissolved into a determined volume of water.Exceeding this maximum amount will result in precipitation of the fertilizers in the irrigation system and can be a very serious problem with clogging of small orifices with in the fertigation system. When using a new fertilizer source, do a jar test to ensure there are no incompatibilities. Table 18.3 gives compatibility chart of different water soluble fertilizers. CHARACTERISTICS OF FERTILIZERS USED IN FERTIGATION 1. Compatibility. irrigation water to supply the basic nutrients (i.e. Fine grained product. Thus, product formulations for the two different fertigation systems can differ with the various raw materials being used. No clogging of filters and emitters. If the products are incompatible, precipitates will form or the sample will become cloudy. Absence of chemical interaction with irrigation water. With drip fertigation, fertilizer has to go through a 120 micron filter system to prevent emitter blockage, but with pivot fertigation coarser products can be used. Ca, Mg) nutrients are considered here. Mixing the solutions of two or more than two water soluble fertilizers can sometimes result in the formation of a precipitate. 8. Fertilizers Europe has reviewed this information and has produced this guidance with wider scope by including most commonly used blending materials. Compatibility chart of different water soluble fertilizers for fertigation . Fertigation approaches vary from simply using the . 3 The Law of Minimum The element which is in shortest supply (in this case, K) limits the yield Justus von Liebg 1840. 7. 2. Most of the available studies rely on methods to assess the appropriateness of different fertigation strategies [11]. 3. Mix the fertilizer solutions with a sample of the irrigation water and allow it to sit for 1-2 hours.

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