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This calls for a cautious case-by-case approach to address legitimate concerns for the biosafety of each product or process prior to its release. On the one hand, agricultural biotechnology may be viewed as a complement to conventional agriculture. In fact, agricultural biotechnology is both at the same time, since it cannot stand on its own. Therefore scientists encourage further research. By 2000, over thirty GMOs had been given FDA approval and were commonly used (Fredland, 2). Their bad effects on insects and native plants are devastating, and because of GMOs, many insect species such as the monarch butterfly, are dieing along with many species of weeds. I know that this hasn't been proven, but it is possible. “Science cannot declare any technology completely risk free. I take side with the Pros. there are many suspicions. Genetically modified or GM crops as they are commonly known refers to the plants whose DNA has been modified with the help of genetic engineering techniques and are then grown and cultivated. Recently, genetically modified animals have started to gain FDA approval as well. 6. Genetically Modified Organisms is referred for plants that are manufactured through linking and altering genes. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. How can biotechnology be applied to agriculture? You can help us remain free and independant as well as to develop new ways to communicate science by becoming a Patron! This summary is free and ad-free, as is all of our content. However, the fact that no negative effects have so far been observed does not mean that such effects cannot occur. GMO Food The process of genetic modification of an organism Genetic modification of an organism is the process by which the genes of an organism are altered to introduce useful genes that are believed to help it to grow and thrive in any given condition. On the one hand, agricultural biotechnology may be viewed as a complement to conventional agriculture. Words: 1436 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9756512. Share: Total shares: Table of contents: Introduction ; Body paragraphs; Conclusion; As you consider writing a persuasive essay discussing the pros or cons of genetically modified food, think first of all of the stand you want to take. Meanwhile, technical or management solutions have been found to address some of the concerns associated with the first generation of genetically modified crops, such as antibiotic resistance. I think GMOs are bad, and I side with the Pros. The bad effects of GMOs on humans are unknown, but there are many suspicions. What are the implications of GM-technologies for animals? People have been growing normal crops since they've developed farms. Farmers are using less pesticides or using less toxic ones, reducing harm to water supplies and workers' health, and allowing the return of beneficial insects to the fields. Introduction. These modifications are made by transferring the genes of the food item … Their bad effects on insects and native Genetically engineered crops can reduce some environmental risks associated with conventional agriculture, but will also introduce new challenges that must be addressed. It is written in two or three sentences and gives your essay direction. The argument for genetically modified food being legal has been going on for years now. A GMO is a genetically modified organism. Take the time to consider the whole picture and give GMO food a try. Pro: Genetically modified food is important to the future of the world, just as it’s been important to our history. GMOs have good effects and bad effects. The Promotion of Genetically Modified Organisms .

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