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Boasting an unparalleled attack power of 70 and an increased rate of automatic SP restoration, the sword is a perfect fit for Justin and his multitude of special moves. You can talk to him to get clues where they are. If enemies are resistant to that element, the damage will be lower. He should be near the cafe. While its storyline significance is not comparable to the original Grandia, the legacy of the sword continues--the Spirit Sword (alternatively named the Spirit Blade) is the most powerful weapon obtainable in Grandia Xtreme with an attack power of 999 and an increased rate of SP restoration like in the original. In all its appearances, the Spirit Sword is the most powerful weapon and is usable by the protagonist. After his Fire skill reaches 100 EXP, his skill level will go up to 2! In battle, the Spirit Sword is the most powerful weapon in the game. Justin, Rapp and Liete enter the Sanctuary and retrieve the sword, before being transported outside of J-Base. For example, Justin finds a Mana Egg and goes to the store, and buys “Fire”. The Spirit Sword is first mentioned in the beginning of the game during the duel with Gantz along with the Legendary Armor, the Shield of Light, and the Warrior's Helmet. Description Additional Image(s) Related. Tell him that you will tell Gantz. Then go and find Tentz. … Characters who use weapon during battle will receive Weapon Skill Experience points. In all its appearances, the Spirit Sword is the most powerful weapon and is usable by the protagonist. 100 Sword-375: 2? However, it is a very rare steal, most players will end up with many Curse Blades (a common steal from King's Knights), before they finally obtain the Spirit Blade. You can inflict more damage against enemies that are weak against that particular element. Known as the 100 Weapons, they are simply weapons with an attack power of 100 that never made it into the final game. The Spirit Blade can only be equipped by Evann. 1 Swords 2 Blunt Weapons 2.1 Maces and Hammers 2.2 Rods and Staves 3 Axes 4 Knives 5 Whips 6 Projectiles 6.1 Bows 6.2 Shurikens & Boomerangs Swords can be equipped by Justin, Gadwin, Rapp, Milda and Guido. +12 Attack. Players can up the chances of the sword being dropped by equipping the Legendary Thief skill and Heaven Blade on Yuki. +22 Attack. Certain weapons have elemental attributes. The Spirit Sword is a recurring weapon within the Grandia series. Justin's acceptance of the spirits, and his acceptance of the Spirit Sword, gives him the strength to break the chain of myths and stop Gaia once and for all. Ceramic Sword: 500: 250: 1: Bought in Parm and the Steamer. However, before heading off into the final battle, Justin and his friends come together and somehow summon the entrance into the Spirit Sanctuary, where the real Spirit Sword resides. Justin runs out and casts the Fire spell on some bugs, and gains EXP for each casting. Once you have all the items apart from the Spirit Sword, talk to Gantz. In the original Grandia, one can find in the game's coding weapons even stronger than the Spirit Sword. Certain weapons can be used as an item during combat. The Spirit Blade can be stolen from an enemy called King's Knight in the Vortex Corridor, on levels 75-80. Fire Sword: If you activate an Action Icon at the point A, you can walk across the point a. On the Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It is a unique item. The Spirit Sword is materialized within the Room of Truth as the new Spirit Stone. After successfully rescuing Feena from the Granduer, you arrive at Guido's Tent next to the Save Point in North Brinan. With an attack power of 125 and an increased rate of SP restoration much like its predecessors, it is worth the time it takes to obtain it. +14 Attack. Comes with a black leather sheath and a hardwood display stand. This Grandia III Sword is seen in the Play Station 2 video game. After the CG/anime intro and the voice acted conversations, talk to Gantz (the center boy) to get your mission: to find the remaining three pieces of the Legendary Armor. Each characters can equip 1 to 3 weapon types. His Fire skill is now level 1. After escaping from the Grandeur. attribute gets 100 EXP, it will rise a “skill level”. The Spirit Sword is a recurring weapon within the Grandia series. A character gains one skill level every 100 Weapon Skill Experience points and with that his/her particular stats increase depending on the weapon used. * Rapp can only equip throw-type projectiles. Weapons are classified into 6 types: swords, maces, axes, projectiles, knives and whips. +100 Attack. While it is implied that the Spirit Sword holds significance in the world of Grandia, it is largely unexplored--the 'Spirit Sword' is nothing more than a simple wooden sword for the majority of the game., Despite the fact that the Spirit Sword is not present in. Battle Saber: 31500: 15750: 2: Bought in Field Base. * Spirit Sword can only be equipped by Justin. It is only equippable by Yuki. Items: 100 GP, Poison Antidote, First Aid Kit. Army Saber-650: 1: Found in Garlyle Base Barracks. +48 Attack. The following is a list of weapons from Grandia. Weapons are classified into 6 types: swords, maces, axes, projectiles, knives and whips. The Spirit Sword is a very rare drop of the Excise Omega enemies located within Surmania Ruins--the final dungeon. Charged with the power of the Spirits, the Spirit Sword becomes the new symbol of the pact between humans and spirits. ... (Fire increases Wit, Wind increases Agility, etc). By landing the killing blow on an enemy with Yuki, the chance of rare item drops is increased, thus possibly making the search for the sword that much easier. Each characters can equip 1 to 3 weapon types. Admiral's Sword-300: 1: Found in Ghost Ship Hall. Unlike many JRPGs, most party members can equip different classes of weapon although some weapons are exclusive to particular characters. For Grandia on the PlayStation, Guide and Walkthrough by Shotgunnova. You will find a Fire Sword at the end of the path. Grandia Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

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