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He got his start in competitive Magic in the Junior Super Series, and played his first PTQ in 2008, qualifying in 2010. The deck originally played 21 lands, but Academy Ruins seemed like a good addition that is both good in matchups where land drops are valuable and as a late-game engine card. You need to be able to kill Tasigur, Tarmogoyf, Primeval Titan, and Siege Rhino consistently, and there are basically no other removal spells that can to do that. It is very weak in counter wars and a huge liablity against things like Dispel or Negate. As such, Kolaghan’s Command is basically always a must-counter 2-for-1 regardless of whether or not it is targeting a Shackles. Going into the mid-to-late game, you simply have more action cards than the opponent both thanks to having fewer lands and to the filtering effect of Serum Visions. Spellskite is good at protecting Blood Moon and also at buying you a turn by shutting off a Slayers’ Stronghold activation. For the most part you will lose to their great draws and only win if they stumble or if you draw multiple Kolaghan’s Commands early on. One of the easiest ways to lose is to slam down a Shackles on turn 3 and expect it to stabilize the board, making sure that you lose a ton of tempo when it gets destroyed. However, the ineffectiveness of the 4 two-mana counterspells in long matchups was very frustrating, given that this deck tries to play long games. A high singularity means that the deck is running cards that are less common in that archetype. A week before the invitational, Dave found Deprive, which fit perfectly into the deck. Dispel is reasonably good at fighting Pacts, as well as Nature’s Claim if that is their Blood Moon answer. =0" /> First of all, all the credit goes to: [[deck-large:22-08-18-grixis-pyromancer-control]] In the mainboard I literally only changed 4 nonland cards from … Grixis Control FEATURING the new Bolas, Dragon God! Grixis decks are becoming a true force in Modern, and I believe Grixis Control is both the most well rounded and the best against pseudo-mirror matches. The sideboard has plenty of tools to deal with Affinity, like Anger of the Gods and Engineered Explosives. A few months ago, Dave Shiels built a Grixis Blood Moon/Shackles control deck on a whim for a local Modern tournament. He prefers to help his team members improve their decks, rather than dedicate himself entirely to developing his own. Academy Ruins was a late addition to the deck, but has proven its worth. Simply put, a counterspell that trades down on mana in such an interaction-heavy matchup is really dangerous. Against decks like Jund and other Grixis decks, card advantage is typically the focus of most games. For the most part you want to save your counterspells for Liliana, Kolaghan’s Command, or some crazy late-game card like Chandra, Pyromaster or Outpost Siege. This past weekend I played the deck to a 7-1 finish in the Modern portion of the Invitational, and I plan on playing essentially the same deck at GP Charlotte: One of the biggest advantages this deck has over the other long-game decks in Modern is that it is able to operate off of fewer lands. Notable Results 2019 : MagicFest Lyon Modern Regular : 3-0 Match ups encountered : Burn: 2 - 0; Affinity: 2 - 1; Grixis Death Shadow: 2 - 1 There are too many decks in Modern to count, but I’ll try to cover as many of the most popular ones as possible. I think players choosing to use the card in this way may be why Kolaghan’s Command seems so scary. Similarly, you play enough counterspells that it is often easy to set up a Shackles that you can defend from a Command. I have owned a grixis Delver deck on and off because I loved the color combination but never liked the Grixis … For the most part all of the blue matchups are similar, with Lightning Bolt and Cryptic Command varying in mileage based on their level of aggression.

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