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IELTS Material, Your email address will not be published. Buddhists often decorate trays with bananas to offer to the Buddha. Building: TRUE                if the statement agrees with the information In the future, the doctor is aiming at developing a new 40________ which might effectively combat against the virus. On occasion they chose to strengthen a dished wheel with a pair of struts running from rim to rim on each of the hub. Only in 1872 did the French writer, Jules Verne, describe bananas to his readers in some detail as they were so exotic, and it was another 30 years before plantation-grown produce from Central America would flood the global market. The Industrial Revolution was drawing an ever increasing percentage of the populace into crowded cities, where only the richest could afford homes with ovens or coal storage rooms, and people were working 12-16 hour days which left them with little time or energy to prepare food. The abundance provided by potatoes greatly decreased infant mortality and encouraged early marriage. The Irish and _______ climate suited potatoes well. Unfortunately, i couldn’t download them. NOT GIVEN    if there is no information on this. As these extra supports were inserted separately into the felloes, they would have added even greater strength to the wheel. Losing even 10 pounds vastly decreases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. The room through the hub was to put tempered axle, which is wrapped up by leather, aiming to retain _______. G It takes courage, determination, personal and financial sacrifice to complete studies at university. Domesticated bananas no longer have seeds, so their propagation must occur through the removal and transplantation of part of the corm, or through tissue culture in a laboratory, the latter being a complicated procedure that can lead to plant contamination. 11. Though Irish land- holding practices were primitive in comparison with those of England, the potato’s high yields allowed even the poorest farners to produce more healthy food than they needed with scarcely any investment or hard labour. 7. During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, international ………………….. in bananas increases dramatically. Syed Monif is a professional content marketer and IELTS Trainer by day, and a bookworm by night, and sometimes during the day too! It’s good for the heart, less so for the gut. 25. D one hour. If a woman has high blood-sugar levels while she’s pregnant, her children arc more likely to be overweight or obese, according to a study of almost 10,000 mother-child pairs. A 15. is fulltime. Questions 1-7 Answer the questions below. 35. Question 40 7. Two ________ was used to strengthen the wheel. If students can afford to pay, and meet the academic level, then it doesn’t matter how old they are. It’s unlikely that they will socialise with people the same age as their sons or daughters, and that could make university life rather lonely. Walkers and bikers They are easy to eat (just peel) and easy to transport (no packaging needed). Since Cavendish bananas lack genetic diversity, Two common varieties today are the larger more curved Cavendish and the smaller straighter Lady Finger both of which turn yellow when ripe. D They will be less expensive. …………………………………………. i Older students sometimes resent the young Read the information below, and answer questions 15-21. One outstanding constructional asset of the ancient Chinese wheel was dishing. B The high-insulin group didn’t do as well on the low-fat plan, losing about 4.5 pounds, and gaining back more than half by the end. These grave goods are confirmed by the oracle texts, which constitute almost all of the first hand written record we possess of the Shang Dynasty. 37. The Spanish conquistadors first encountered the potato when they arrived in Peru in 1532 in search of gold, and noted Inca miners eating Chuno. The point is to not give up just because you don’t look like a swimsuit model. FALSE              if the statement contradicts the information C. The government has long espoused moderate daily exercise – of the evening-walk or take-the-stairs 29. Bananas are herbs, not trees, although they can reach more than seven metres (24 ft). Paragraph F Between 1780 and 1841, based on the ___________ of the potatoes, the Irish population doubled to eight million. Could you please send me the correct link for Vol 1 to my email address: [email protected]. H became Black Sigatoka disease. THE HUMBLE BANANA. The text above has five sections: A-E. Write the Correct letter, A-G, in boxes 27-31 on your answer sheet. ielts general reading test 25. The goal shouldn’t be getting thin, but getting healthy. At speed these passes were very dangerous for the crews of both chariots. B southern Before 1800, the English people preferred eating __________ with bread, butter and cheese. Which paragraph contains the following information ? A variety of courses chosen by learners from all Certificate I-II courses on offer at the college, as well as compulsory: Introductory Computing, First Aid, and English Language. The gene appears to be necessary and sufficient to trigger AD-36-related obesity, and the goal is to use the research to create a sort of obesity vaccine. This course is for people wanting to become qualified childcare workers in day care centres. Match each finding with the correct researcher, A-F. Write the correct letter, A-F, in boxes 32-36 on your answer sheet. A extraordinary. Questions 1-7 24. 38. Your email address will not be published. D Outreach aims to remove barriers for people wanting to return to education. This habit is healthy since a single 100-gram (3.5 oz) banana contains 371 kilojoules (89 kcal) of energy, and protein represents 1.09% of its weight – 25 times more than that of an apple. Part-time: 21 hours per week (3 days) In experiments, Dhurandhar found that SMAM-1 -infected chickens became obese on the same diet as uninfected ones, which stayed svelte. How long does a normal ferry trip to Great Barrier take? In boxes 14-17 on your answer sheet, write, TRUE                if the statement agrees with the information C famous. D April. This course, along with Carpentry and Bricklaying, will give you the technical qualifications for a Builder’s Licence. 8. In Bombay Clinic, a young doctor who came up with the concept ‘infectobesity’ believed that the obesity is caused by a kind of virus.

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