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As a sponsorship property, the Olympic Games can fulfill a variety of corporate objectives. When an ambush has definitely occurred (as distinct from normal competition), the IOC contacts the ambusher and may take subsequent legal action. 2. International Event Group Inc., “North American Sponsorship Spending to Top $5 Billion in 1996” (Chicago, Illinois: IEG, 15 January 1996, press release). 17. International Olympic Committee, “Olympic Rings: The World’s Most Recognized Symbol,” Marketing Matters, 1995, pp. M. Jones and T. Dearsley, “Understanding Sponsorship” (Turin, Italy: ESOMAR Seminar on “How to Increase the Efficiency of Marketing Communications in a Changing Europe,” 11–3 October 1989, paper). However, Pepsi denied the charges of ambushing, claiming that the Olympic Games were not the appropriate vehicle to reach its target market and asserting its right to free speech.52. The concepts of power, mutual dependency, expectations, risk, trust, and collaboration as well as the basic mechanisms of contractual agreements and market forces impact on the governance of this relationship. 32. Eventually, the airline located a Boston Terrier that shared a name with FIFA’s former president, and made the improbably named pup an unofficial mascot. Other moral theorists would disagree. This campaign serves as a great example of how ambush marketing can help brands cultivate new brand values. Brands can and frequently do employ techniques that may be beyond the scope of a company’s established brand or advertising guidelines, affording the ambusher a great deal more creative freedom and flexibility. There’s another word forit: stealing.”37, On the other hand, ambushers argue that their actions are perfectly legal and ethical within the framework of normal business. 1. Cross-platform software to maximize your online advertising. 8. A. Bayless, “Ambush Marketing Is Becoming Popular Event at Olympic Games,” Wall Street Journal, 8 February 1988, pp. It also signed ten national sponsors as marketing partners, including McDonald’s, AT&T, Motorola, Anheuser-Busch, and Delta Airlines. This situation contrasts starkly with the early days of sponsorship, when, for example, Gillette was the sole sponsor of the World Basketball Series from 1949 to 1962.14. 16. International Olympic Committee, Olympic Marketing Fact File (Lausanne, Switzerland: IOC Marketing Department, 1995). The ambusher can implement advertising that is timed to coincide with the sponsor’s event. waited patiently to get their hands on the new iPhone, Samsung proceeded to sell its Galaxy SII device for just $2 AUS – mere pocket change compared to Apple’s $850 iPhone. Hopefully, this post has given you some creative inspiration for new approaches you can take to your existing ads. This means our staffing costs would be $240. 39. In a typical sponsorship package, the sponsor may buy various rights including event title or category rights (e.g., official soft drink), signage rights, rights to specific designated emblems and logos, rights to use the word “official,” rights to specific event advertising, promotions, and publication inclusions, and certain first-option rights. A. Hitchen, “Sponsorship Research — Improving the Sporting Chances of Success” (Brussels, Belgium: Sponsorship Europe ’95 Conference, 6–7 April 1995, paper). The net effect is that the official sponsor may derive considerably less benefit from its involvement. The recent case of the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL in the U.S. market is an example. 7. Air travel is an insanely competitive industry, but Kulula’s ambush campaign not only gained the airline some invaluable publicity, but also advanced the idea that Kulula isn’t just another dry, boring airline. 21. 13. The sophistication of the ambusher’s strategy may allow it to skirt direct legal transgression orcertain suggestions of association, such as background images in advertising, the use of certain words such as “games,” “finals,” and so on. In response to BMW’s ads, Audi purchased a billboard in Santa Monica advertising its new A4 sedan and mocking BMW’s slogan: Not long after the billboard above appeared in Santa Monica, Audi doubled down and erected another giant roadside provocation to BMW, while cleverly sticking to BMW’s regrettable chess theme: BMW didn’t take this attack lying down. 14. When it comes to display advertising – online or IRL – cohesion is crucial.

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