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This is true even of games which I did not buy directly from steam but bought a code and activated it on Steam. Ubisoft Club and Uplay will become Ubisoft Connect on 27 October 2020. i would realy appreciate to have all my games at one place. hello, i have connected my uplay account with my steam account but i am unable to launch the game from steam. There are no more activation codes from Ubisoft games. I now find this thing called Steam Guard which I did not even know existed. • Klicke auf das Spiel und wähle Code anzeigen • Du kannst nun einfach den Schlüssel kopieren und einfügen, indem du die dafür vorgesehenen Buttons benutzen Sollten Sie in Uplay PC keinen Key finden, würden wir Sie darum bitten, sich mit uns in Kontakt zu setzen und uns einen Screenshot der Rubrik Meine Spiele zuzusenden, auf welchem sichtbar ist, dass kein Key angezeigt wird. • Choose Activate. Wenn ihr die Games-Plattform Uplay nutzt, könnt ihr Spiele wie bei Steam aktivieren. I tried to find the KEY in the registry but there is nothing, neither does uplay support a way to show it, which would allow me to activate it on steam. Dazu gebt ihr euren Game-Key im Uplay-Client ein, der.. adding the game manually to steam doesnt work well neither. Problem is I have many Assassins Creed game I want to unlock in UPLAY from Steam but they do not have the same CD KEY option. I tried the game through Uplay on the free weekend a few weeks back, and then was gifted a steam copy of the game today from a friend, but when I got to play it hangs up in the Uplay launch section and asks for an Activation code. How do I unlock my other steam games on UPLAY? i bought my AC origin and AC odyssey on steam a year ago, but i seems like i cant play my AC odyssey on steam because it needed activation code, strangely, my AC origin doesnt require one. I kind of remember that the keys used to be pretty easy to find but I no longer can find them - I'll admit I haven't tried in over a year and there have been a few updates of the Steam Client since then. Uplay starts up each time and asks for an activation code I never received and Steam does not show anything. The support sites are pathetic, I just want my freakin keys!!!! As I said, re-open the game through the steam client in the library. This will activate the game on your Ubisoft account. I have my Steam and Uplay accounts linked as I bought Rainbox Six Siege through steam and then play it with that as well. I was able to activate Assassins Creed 2 on UPLAY by right clicking on Steam games and getting a CD KEY then activating it through my UPLAY Launcher. Download and install the latest version of Uplay (make sure you delete the one currently installed) and it stops asking you. I cant find Any keys or activation codes for three games I bought from Steam during black Friday. so where do i find the activation code on steam for my AC odyssey and my Uplay also didnt have the AC odyssey, on AC origin is there. • Enter your key in the Activation Code field. No. In the period between 21 October 2020 and 27 October 2020 we will be performing the necessary changes for the transition. Steam ... Changes to Ubisoft Club and Uplay. I did buy these games from Steam.

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