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The attack of the beater is captured perfectly. That is an important element of a good kick drum sound. That makes it a powerful mic that can handle the volume. Any range of around 20Hz is probably a good sign. The Shure Beta 52A has a host of quality features, including an advanced pneumatic shock mount system that minimizes the transmission of mechanical noise and vibration. This may satisfy them all in one purchase. The 52A microphone has come from that pedigree. The D12 is one such mic. It has basic dimensions of 10 inches by 5 and weighs two pounds. It also has to deal with high SPL’s. Certainly going to be a contender for the best kick drum microphone. It is marketed and sold as a kick drum mic, and its hypercardioid pattern suits that perfectly. It has a rugged metal construction in black that is quite capable of taking a lot of use and a few knocks. Founded in Illinois in 1925, they are now recognized as one of the premier microphone manufacturers. It could be argued that it doesn’t give you plenty of depth. We find that the low-end reproduction is quite full and punchy but lacking that real depth. Rated as one of the best high-end microphone producers in the world. It is a high output dynamic mic that has a supercardioid pattern. They did that without losing the critical top end in our view. The 52A is no different. The SM57 and SM58 have been used by just about every artist on every stage in the world. It needs to be well-built. It is built in the traditional rugged Shure way. Perfectly capture the ‘click’ of the kick drum…, Best Kick Drum Mic In 2020 – Top 10 Rated Reviews & Buying Guide, Top 10 Best Kick Drum Mic To Buy In 2020 Reviews. In fact, if you didn’t know of its performance capability, you might not give it a second glance. But being made from stainless steel, it is still lightweight. And the best part about getting a new kick drum mic is that it’s so affordable. It is given the tools to do the job with a high SPL rating and a good frequency range to pick up the bottom end. This kick drum mic captures and delivers a punchy and accurate kick drum sound. That is Shure build quality. Since we are talking about kick drum mics, it is best to choose a microphone that will pick up the lower... SPLs (Sound Pressure Levels). Many sound engineers claim that this microphone is their weapon of choice when it comes to bass drums. It delivers a bottom end with plenty of attack, but also a clarity even at high volumes. The design allows it to be placed comfortably for use with bass guitar cabinets and even deep horn sections. Every sound engineer wants the best kick drum sound imaginable, but don’t forget the other instruments! But the design of the Shure ensures clarity and quality. Its cardioid polar pattern makes it ideal for such work. I use the AKG D112 Kick drum mic for all of my recordings live and in the studio, and it never lets me down. Each Audix D6 kick drum microphone is designed, machined, assembled, and tested by Audix in the USA for painstaking quality control. It can differ a lot depending on its size, the tuning, whether it has some form of padding inside. Lastly, we have the Sennheiser E902 Kick Drum Microphone – it’s a great bass drum mic that offers a finely calibrated and natural sound that is rich in detail. Some microphones are tailored for specific music styles. The frequency range is deep enough to include all the very depth you need for a kick drum. The perfect combination for just about every style of music, But great for Rock music. It will obviously work well with the kick but also does well with floor toms and bass cabinets. This allows a quick and permanent way of attaching the microphone in preparation for recording. It has a low sensitivity to load impedance variables. To mic up a bass drum is something else again. So it is also suitable for bass guitar and other live bass-orientated instruments. They are also easier to use and integrate into a live stage environment, because they don’t require any additional power and can simply be plugged into the mixing desk and can operate exactly as intended. Achieving a high-quality kick drum sound within a mix is a massively important aspect of recording drums. However, it may be considered as very much a budget alternative to the bigger names in the market of microphones. The frequency range of this mic ensures the sound is collected and produced at a high level. Required fields are marked *. No mic stand is needed. So there are lots of variables. Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) also need to be good. Anything else, please check. This bass drum microphone performs well and is very easy to use, delivering a reliable and consistently clear sound every single show. This microphone can take whatever you throw at it! It is a little more expensive than some options available. In that time, it has come a long way and produces some fine microphones and audio equipment. Then crash land on the stage and just carry one like everything is normal. Recording drums is an area where the mic needs to be able to handle being moved around. Another Shure mic of pure quality that fulfills its design purpose and at a very affordable price. Certainly at the top end of microphones for recording bass drums. It is just very good at most of them. The D6 has an SPL of 144dB, and distortion levels are very low. This process of a tough design and build is the prime reason Shure microphones are ideal for live performances. With this directional perspective, it will eliminate any unwanted external sounds. The PGA52 is adequately prepared for both situations. Overall this microphone is a professional kick drum mic that delivers quality performance at an excellent price. The Audix D6 is a fantastic kick drum microphone, and when a live venue utilizes this microphone you can guarantee that the kick drum response will be accurate, clear and powerful. No stand needed with this mic either, just lay it on a cushion, preferably inside the bass drum. The cardioid pattern is designed to pick up sound from its source. They are now owned by Harman Industries, who themselves are owned by Samsung. We don’t need to make any introductions regarding Sennheiser, do we? The best kick drum mic will help to deliver the enormous and booming kick drum sound that demands the audience’s attention at a concert, whether it’s a small club venue or a huge outdoor music festival. Where there are microphones, for whatever purpose, you will find Shure. Despite its depth, it has still maintained a sharp top end and therefore adds a crisp attack to the bass drum sound. The 112 has been around now for 30 years, so it was time for an upgrade, and the 112 Mark 2 is it. And it also has the biggest sound. If you want a no-frills kick drum mic that will deliver accurate and punchy bass drum sounds with little fuss then you can’t go wrong with the E902. It is built with all the aspects included for recording at the lower end. This is a kick drum that is one of the best kick drum microphones around. It certainly has an attacking sound at the bottom end. The Shure 52A is specifically designed to pick up lower frequencies and especially from the kick drum. But it possibly lacks the really rich warm deep sounds that some prefer. Whilst the lower ranges are not as deep as some, they are well captured and are crisp and clear. A typical Shure design finished in black; it is suitable for the most rigorous environments. Kick drum microphones possess unique characteristics and have their own distinct sound properties. It has a tough build with an all-metal construction with a mic clip. The modified supercardioid pattern of the 52A will reject the majority of any excess noise unwanted noise. Design-wise it is nothing to write home about. In its price range, it must be considered a decent mic. As mentioned, it is also a good mic for handling other low-frequency recordings. Black Friday Deals – Save Up to 96%! Those microphones excel in that area. When used with a kick drum, it provides a fast attack and response time.

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