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A chocolate bar (Commonwealth English) or candy bar (some dialects of American English) is a confection containing chocolate, which may also contain layerings or mixtures that include nuts, fruit, caramel, nougat, and wafers.A wide variety of chocolate bar brands are sold. In addition to caramel, peanuts, peanut butter, and milk chocolate, it also incorporates pretzels into the mix. A popular example is a Snickers bar, which consists of nougat mixed with caramel and peanuts, covered in milk chocolate. The Take 5 bar is the most unconventional yet still tasty bar on this list (not looking at you, Abba-Zaba). See more ideas about chocolate, chocolate milk, candy. Avoid complex and hard-to-spell candy bar names. He was the first person to discover that mixing melted cacao butter along with cocoa powder and sugar creates a paste that can be used to make candy bars. Equal Exchange. Chocolate bar names have very high competition in the industry and you need an excellent name to stand out from others. Here is the full list of Cadbury flavors, sizes and variants: Cadbury Golden Biscuit Crunch They even have a bar that contains 100% raw cacao. Cadbury is not only known to sell chocolate bars but also candies and mints. Don’t pick a word that could be restricting your business growth; The first chocolate bar was invented in 1847 by a British entrepreneur, Joseph Fry. Follow these tips. May 12, 2018 - Explore carie ferrell's board "Chocolate Bars", followed by 1256 people on Pinterest. Due to a high percentage of cacao beans, dark chocolate has a deep, intense color which is more vivid than white or milk chocolate. As a nation, we are the third biggest country in Europe for chocolate consumption. Alas, it’s still not in the top five when it comes to chocolate bars … The basic ingredients of dark chocolate bars include cacao beans, soy lecithin, sugar, and flavorings like vanilla. Say it with me: mmm, salty and sweet! This is a list of brand name confectionery products.Sugar confectionery includes candies (sweets in British English), candied nuts, chocolates, chewing gum, bubble gum, pastillage, and other confections that are made primarily of sugar.In some cases, chocolate confections (confections made of chocolate) are treated as a separate category, as are sugar-free versions of sugar confections. They also produce bubble gums with brands like Black Jack chewing gum, Bubblicious bubble gum, Clorets, Freshen Up Gum, Bubbaloo bubble gum, Chiclets, Dentyne and many more. All of their dark chocolate bars have a cocoa content of 70% or greater.

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