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There are three ways to do it: You can use a built-in feature of iOS, use a third-party long exposure app, or use a clip-on camera attached to your iPhone. … You can go back and apply it to any long exposure image you've taken up until now. When you take a Live Photo, the iPhone’s camera records data before and after the shot. The possibilities are endless! Long Exposure is the coolest effect, showing your flowing water as cloud-like and dreamy, unlike the sharp and crisp stopped action water you'd normally see. Adjusting the Exposure Time Take a look at these ideas for some quick inspiration in using long exposure. Then, when you 3D Touch the photo, you see some brief animation. The great thing about using the iPhone's long exposure tool is that you don't need to use it while you're shooting. You can change this number, however, to alter the look of the photo that you’re capturing. Although you can't access the iPhone camera's shutter speed due to Apple being overprotective of its hardware, there are ways to recreate long exposure using your iPhone. Long-exposure photo ideas. The number indicates how long the next shot will take. Moving traffic under long exposure creates streams of white and red light from the head and tail lights. However, the long exposure effect for Live Photos in iOS is a great way to get used to and experiment with taking a long exposure with iPhone, and I hope Apple will further enhance it in upcoming releases. Traffic at night A clichéd but wonderful example of long-exposure photography is traffic at night.

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