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While it wasn't the easiest to find, it was worth the effort. 8 posts GPC-15ME review GPC-15ME review. After so many frustrated conversations finally they sent me a new one off the line. I'm a 15 series for lifer. A lot of people say it doesn't compare to the higher end models but I call bull. Well made with good quality materials. The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum > Guitars > The D28 Lounge > GPC-15ME review. This is the perfect series of guitar. 18K 449 1. $1,999.00. I told them to keep it I had just purchased it and its obvious there is a defect in the body. I knew from the minute I read the description that I would like this guitar. Thanks for posting the review. 2019! Ritch deep lows, solid highs, and a mid range that balances out perfect. Conclusion: Anyone wishing to understand what a guitar can be capable of should aspire to a Martin and the D-15 is an absolute give-away in terms of bang-for-buck, sound quality and ease-of-use. The guitar is great. OneMansGuitar. 15 Series DC-15ME Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Sorry was distracted by all the stuff going on. body. Having a 00 that one wishes is a 000 doesn't sound like what I would want. If only I could had some talent! I would do without the cutaway if I designed it, but some folks want to play up those frets. Thanks for posting the review. Did you? I was right! Martin DC-15ME Guitar. I have a D28 CE and think this is just another example of Martin's outstanding reputation of building exceptional guitars. Well balanced with my vocals. A variation on the D-15 played by Chris Martin of Coldplay, with an all-mahogany body, the 15 Series DC-15ME Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar produces a warm, rich, full tone. Previous Image Next Image. Martin DC15ME Acoustic-Electric Guitar (with Case). Todd, has it been too long between playing the 0015E and the GPC15E remember which things you liked better about each? List price. Less than a month later, I pulled it out of the case and in the body there was about a 6 inch hairline crack in it. I've been tempted for a while by the 0015E but I haven't found one to try. Great guitar and even better at the price point. I highly recommend DE15ME. I couldn't have asked for it to be any better.". A little more stylish that way, IMHO. Read user reviews for Martin DC15ME Acoustic-Electric Guitar (with Case) and see over 325,000 product reviews at Thanks for the information! A Grand 15. Share with: Link: Copy link. At least it's a shallow looking cut. This dreadnought acoustic-electric cutaway model is crafted with an East Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Country, Southern Rock, Blues, Folk, Americana, "Very happy with this guitar. Always wanted a Martin and this price point was hard to beat. Martin 6-String Acoustic-Electric Guitars. While she loved it, she always wished it was a 000. Own a piece of legendary Martin craftsmanship, with the distinctive all-mahogany body of the DC15ME acoustic-electric guitar. Did you? Share. For live sets I do metal but always close out with an acoustic set to get more intimate with the audience and the crowd loves it. Did not register that you were talking about the E Retro model. An Unofficial forum for those who love Martin instruments - Founded by Steve Stallings. The sound body is full and very rounded. All-Mahogany, made in the USA, hidden fishman electronics, this thing is a beauty!!! Tying up some worthwhile loose ends from 2016... Just great, love everything about the tone of that. Martin Guitar discontinued this guitar in 2019. Read user reviews for Martin DC15ME Acoustic-Electric Guitar (with Case) and see over 325,000 product reviews at Share. A great campfire guitar also.I'm going to get the dreadnought to fit small venues. After reading about Martin's new model I just had a good feeling that was a guitar for me. Great value. Now the GPC15 clouds the thought process a little more. 6 months later Im playing a bar and into my 3rd song the guitar splinters in 4 different spots including where it was the last time I sent it in. The 00-15E Retro has a more advanced pickup configuration. OneMansGuitar. After talking again via email with photos its apparent that Martin will not do anything to help. I can't wait to see how it sounds over time. I've been tempted for a while by the 0015E but I haven't found one to try. Ive had My Takamine for 7 years and not once have I had any issues with it. Well Mike, I had a 00-15 in the house for years, belonging to a roommate. So obviously I was shocked to see it had a crack in it. Sounds great, got a very stylish look about this one especially the cutaway like PW said, very shallow look. I was hesitant about going with a cut away vs the dreadnought but the sound is truly remarkable. Did you? I had only played this guitar 1 time inside for 30 minutes. This Dreadnought acoustic-electric cutaway model is complete with an East Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge. 2 of 2 people (100%) people found this review helpful. Everything I have is long scale so that is"normal" for me, but a short scale might be a nice change of pace... something like a CEO7 with an F1 Aura is kind of what I was hoping would come out this year. I have a GP with an F1 aura for my normal plug in use, and I was looking for something a little different to swap out with it from time to time. 5 of 13 people (38%) people found this review helpful. The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum > Guitars > The D28 Lounge > GPC-15ME review. Forget the rating score; if you like playing guitar just get one. If you call our customer service department for assistance, this number makes it easier This guitar may be ok for the people sitting around the house but for a gigging musician its garbage. Excellent craftsmanship. I keep my instruments inside at all times in the cases. With an all mahogany body, the DC-15ME produces a warm, rich, full tone. Factory set up was spot on. I perform live and record and this is now my go to. This guitar should increase in value if taken care of. They record lovely and sound amazing live. Of course, given Martin’s focus on high end guitars, the 15 series guitars are of very high quality and will still set you back a reasonable chunk of cash to buy one. I do have a propensity for a warm sounding guitar and this is a warm sounding guitar – but this thing was particular nice.It’s definitely a mid-range dominant sound so if that’s your thing (as it is mine) then you’ll love the sound the D15M produces. My primary focus for it would be as a stage guitar, but I do enjoy hog top guitars acoustically quite a bit as well. My last review before the 2017 models are released Martin’s GPC-15ME, which has a G rand P erformance body size with a C utaway on the treble side, made in Style 15 with all-solid M ahogany, and an on-board E lectronic pickup system.. Fashionably late to the party, the curvy shape of Martin… In practice, the D-15 works well in many genres from reggae to country to world music, etc, etc. 18K 449 1. It isn't cheap but it is good value. So I contact ZZsounds and they were NO Help at all. Straight off the bat – I loved the tone of this guitar instantly. I will never go back. BUY NOW ONLINE. 5 of 6 people (83%) people found this review helpful. The Martin 15 Series Guitars fall somewhere in the middle of Martin’s range of guitars. I've been tempted for a while by the 0015E but I haven't found one to try. Excellent quality. My wife purchased it for my Birthday Off this website. The electronics are the best also. It's hard to describe the warm, ritch, beautiful sound this guitar produces. Had to send it to Martin and they said they could fix it for $300.00 . Thanks for posting the review. A temporary customer reference number is assigned to each customer only while they are shopping on 8 posts GPC-15ME review GPC-15ME review. I couldn't be happier. The GPC-15ME has a Fishman UST with some basic controls. My other Martin in the D28CE which I haven't played since I bought this one. So I put some miles on my Guitars. I love the warm bluesy sound from the solid mahogany Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 7:30AM - 11:30PM (EST). for us to answer any questions you have about products, services or purchases. I have this guitar, great tone and quality and looks great. The MSRP was reduce to $1,999.00 for 2018 and 2019. The overtones are very subtle, the sound is very warm and the highs nice and soft and subtle.The bass isn’t overly pronounced but it doe… I'll keep an eye out for an OMC15e to try as well. I've been hanging out for a used or a low cost cutaway for a while this might just be it. Pretty much brand new Martin! Great sound right out of the box. Share with: Link: Copy link. Did you? It was first produce by Martin Guitar in 2016 MSRP $2249.00, same price for 2017. Im a professional musician who plays every weekend . 4 of 5 people (80%) people found this review helpful. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, spoon-s-martinfest-journal-of-adventure ... 93530.html. FIND A DEALER.

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