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For example, “Hey Siri, good night” can turn off every light in your home but your bedroom. It’s as simple as “Hey Siri, turn on lamp.”. Meross made this accessory almost as small as a simple dual-plug outlet, but built in so much more functionality. Two, there’s an on-off button with indicator light on the top, which is very handy if you need to switch the plug manually. So when Meross asked if I wanted to review the UK smart plug, my first thought was would it be a good idea, and could I do anything close to a test for such a device. As the photographs show, this is the UK variant but it’s available to suit the wiring standards of many countries, including USA. After extensive testing, here’s how this accessory stood up to regular use. This is a new iteration of Meross’ smart plug which now supports Apple HomeKit in addition working to working on Android phones via an app – look for HK on the end of the model name (MSS210HK) to be assured of HomeKit support. Based in the UK - To find out more, read Cult of Mac’s guide on how to get started with HomeKit home automation. Mini enough but there is a wide place between the two sockets, no interference and more space-saving. Regardless there are many practical ways where the new technology can be used on a practical basis. You’ll soon see what a hassle it is getting up to flick a bunch of switches when you could do that same from your iPhone, HomePod, etc. For me Alexa couldn’t find the smart plug initially, but it was magically there after restarting the app. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. And can be used in any house, apartment, dorm room… wherever. Phone: OnePlus 6T - Stop turning lights on and off by flicking switches like it’s the 1930s. Or lights, fans, etc. Insert this accessory into a wall socket, then plug the lights, fans, etc. The smart plug is white and plainly styled with just three notable features. You don’t watch a black-and-white TV. Read our full Wemo WiFi Smart Plug review. The Meross app automatically redirects the setup to Apple Home. For a bit of extra discount, use the code O3ML85W5 at which should be valid up to the end of August on both single and double packs. With it, you can control home electronics with Siri commands. When Meross first reached out to me to review the HomeKit smart plug and declared the price point, I was not sure what to expect. For example, my living room uses a combination of overhead, wall and table lighting and in the past, I would have need to turn on lights at four different places in the room every evening. Apple have made it extremely easy to add devices into the smart home solution. And connecting this plug-in smart outlet to your iPhone isn’t much harder. Tapping the plug icon in the app turns the smart plug on and off in the real world. Thanks to Meross for supplying the WiFi Smart Plug for review. I tested it with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, and ran into no problems. View all posts by Andrew →, Community Guidelines Stifling Free Speech #1467. It measures 2.7 inches wide by 1.5 inches tall and 1.5 inches thick. Meross WiFi Smart Plug with HomeKit Support Review August 13, 2020 Home Automation Meross , smart home , smart plug Andrew The fabled smart home as a building that responds your needs as they arise is still somewhat legendary and will likely remain so until the technology can be built into the fabric of the structure. Setting Meross’ HomeKit accessory up is a snap. And Google Assistant, SmartThings and IFTTT are built in too, though I did not test these. More countries will follow later in 2020. The white compact plug is one of the most compact HomeKit plugs available today, measuring just 2.7 inches wide by 1.5 cm high. The Meross outdoor smart plug is what an outdoor smart plug needs to be. The main takeaway for the Meross WiFi smart plug with HomeKit support is how easy it is to get setup on Apple, Android, Alexa and SmartThings. Ordinarily it’s $24.99, but at the time of this writing is on sale for $19.99. A few years ago, using HomeKit came with a considerable “Apple Tax” — items that included this system cost quite a bit more than their rivals. And for the purposes of demonstration, here we have the Meross WiFi smart plug with Apple HomeKit support. While this isn't the only dual outlet smart … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Meross Smart Plug Mini, 16A & Reliable WiFi, Support Apple HomeKit, Siri, Alexa, Echo, Google Assistant, Nest Hub and SmartThings, App Control, Timer, No Hub Needed, 4 Pack at Plug the smart plug into the wall socket and then the lamp plug into the smart plug. As a smart plug, users also have the ability to set s shedule or routine with lights and other switches in their home. That makes it small enough and bland enough that it’ll mostly go unnoticed, which is what you want. Luckily I am able to, with the help of some equipment I have from the UK (a power strip) and a voltage converter, although the Meross works with 100-240v, so merely an adaptor would have been fine for my tests. This works fine, except that if you want to use the smart plug with Alexa, the Meross skill doesn’t see any devices. It’s not as slick as the Home setup but gets the job done. But automated lights can be amazingly convenient too. Integration with SmartThings was very similar but worked flawlessly in terms of adding and seeing the device straightaway. The hardware is solid but unobtrusive. Meross provided Cult of Mac with a review unit for this article. A pair of buttons on the front give you manual control. The company distributes its products through Amazon, where the Smart WiFi Plug is a mere $16.99. Meross engineers did a fine job all around. Since our outdoor outlet has two sockets, we could plug more than one thing at a time. Not any more, and Meross played a part in making them more affordable. You don’t watch a black-and-white TV. The discount code provided above is not a referral code. Meross is the best option for low-cost HomeKit accessories. It's rugged, weather resistant, easy to use/control, and it has status lights that are easy to see and understand from a distance. And because it’s a simple plugin unit, it brings the convenience of Apple’s HomeKit home automation with minimal hassle. And there’s more good news: while HomeKit requires a hub for all products to work, the Smart WiFi Plug communicates directly with this. Update 29th October 2020 – Thanks to a discussion on my YouTube channel, I’ve been alerted to the problem that if you don’t want to use Apple Home and would rather use the Meross app on Apple devices, it doesn’t actually seem to be possible to do it. The Smart WiFi Plug functions a good distance from your wireless hotspot, and keeps a solid connection. My tests found no problems with this system, either. One, it’s quite a big plug, so you may struggle to get another plug in to a neighbouring socket: best to check your socket positions. March 6, 2019 January 18, 2019 by Derek Hales. No secondary hub is needed. Belkin is one of Meross’ top competitors, as it also offers a range of HomeKit-compatible smartplugs for a variety of purposes. The only downside I can find is the plug itself is fairly chunky. With smart technology, one of the lights comes on as dusk falls and the others will come on as someone enters the room. Adding a device through the Meross app starts with picking the type of device and there’s an initial negotiation between the smartphone and the smart plug which broadly concludes with you having to pick the WiFi network and supply the passcode. The Meross smart plug is a single outlet plug with the ability to control lights, switches, fans, and more with both your voice and a variety of apps (Alexa, Google, etc.). No Z-Wave, ZigBee or hubs required here.

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