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Well, there was an error submitting your subscription. I have often wondered in pure conjecture if “the mountain” to which Jesus brought His disciples when He issued the Great Commission was Mount Arbel (Matthew 28:16-20). 45-minute trek, sometimes through ankle-deep mud The remains of underground structures, walls and passes are seen. There are now even You are now inside the Arbel National Park after you entered it through the back door. This morning I was frustrated with some silly things. Archaeology has revealed a nearby village, a forth-century synagogue, as well as signs of occupation in the caves as early as the second century. by constructing a parking lot so that the walk today Lowering himself in a basket, the soldier jerked out some of the cave dwellers with a grappling hook and shoved them over the cliffs. ministry. Tradition holds that Mount Arbel is the mountain Matthew mentions at the end of his gospel. This is my personal blog where that happens. 1. No ascension to heaven is mentioned. The last time I stood on Mount Arbel, I gazed at the modern highway on the Plain of Gennesaret far below me. 3. Jesus gives his command here, then the Gospel concludes. Perhaps the most prominent physical landmark around the Sea of Galilee is towering Mount Arbel. Unique place with a lot of caves, were people hided from the war during the centuries, all cliff fill of caves as as honeycombs. 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Although the history intrigues, and the view inspires, the greatest benefit I’ve enjoyed from the top of Mount Arbel comes as I see—from one location—the places where Jesus spent most of His ministry around the shores of this famous lake: I have often wondered in pure conjecture if “the mountain” to which Jesus brought His disciples when He issued the Great Commission was Mount Arbel (Matthew 28:16-20). Josephus offers a grisly account of Arbel in his Antiquities (14:423–425). You'll also receive fresh content each time I post. Its presence was so obvious, it was assumed. the parables of the soil, the weeds, and the mustard COMING TO GIFT SHOP Success! The panoramic view offers a perspective that stretches 400 meters (about 1,300 feet) above the water. WAYNE STILES The mountains sheer face can be easily picked out by the casual observer from most points around the lake. Also below them lay the highway that journeyed to the nations to which Jesus called them to make disciples. I once even scaled down the cliffs with the convenient handheld cables affixed to the rocks. Biblical text color, contour and context. From this one spot they could observe the area where Jesus called them as disciples as well as the many places where He taught and performed miracles according to the gospels. Imagine the disciples climbing a mountain with Jesus. The Jesus Trail follows the Israel Trail blazes on a steep but beautiful route down the cliffs. Simon the Zealot (Luke 6:15, Acts 1:13) and Matthew We imagine Levi, renamed Galilee. Leaving a comment is easy! Well, sorry. That changed on the top of Mount Arbel. Mt. The sheer rock cliffs of Mount Arbel stand like a sentinel over the western side of the Sea of Galilee. Matthew, sitting at his toll-booth along the road Jesus Trail Hike - Mount Arbel Area is a 11.2 mile point-to-point trail located near Lavi, Northern District HaZafon, Israel that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. Mount Arbel is located near the seas western shore in the vicinity of ancient Magdala, home of Mary Magdalene. 2. Zebulon and the Land of Naphtali and let’s give the Copyright 2008, 2010 Gila Yudkin. There is no better The Jesus Trail is a 65 km hiking and pilgrimage route in the Galilee region of Israel that traces the route Jesus may have walked, connecting many sites from his life and ministry. Imagine the disciples climbing a mountain with Jesus. Why? However, by comparing the data in Luke 24 and Acts 1, we see that Jesus’ ascension took place on the Mount of Olives, in Bethany just across from Jerusalem. Another reads 64A The trail is … There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Standing 700 feet above the Sea of Galilee, the Cliffs of Arbel provide a panoramic view stretching from the Golan Heights to the Jordan River valley. is only ten minutes uphill. Part of the “Horns of Hattin” the summit is 390 meters above the Sea of Galilee and provides an overall view of the north and west corner of the lake. Learn more >>>. Primarily technology, and the spotty internet, and my inability to finish my silly blog because of the aforementioned silly things. It astounds every first-timer. It really could have been. All rights reserved. Below Mount Arbel lies the Valley of the Doves, a natural access route into the lake area and a route probably used … west. opposite Capernaum, the headquarters of Jesus public Hiking at Mount Arbel is probably one of the most exciting things to do for hikers because it has an absolutely spectacular view. ISRAEL TIPS During a moment when their tired bodies wander from the path, their heavy eyes rest momentarily on the Mountain of Beatitudes off into the distance. No visit to Mount … tree up at the right! The snow-capped Mount Herman can be seen in the distance on clear days. (Just make sure Herod’s troops aren’t around.). Mount Arbel is one of those places never mentioned in the Bible. Tradition holds that Mount Arbel is the mountain Matthew mentions at the end of his gospel. Come with me, to the Land of The reserve covers the immediate area around the cliff. Continue with the ‡Black‡ markers for 600 m and reach the National Park’s entrance. It is a 330 meter climb over 8 kilometers and may be somewhat difficult but the experience will be well worth it. My goal is to deliver practical content to encourage you in your relationship with God. For me, these mountains call me. tells us that there were 204 prosperous Galilean SPOKEN THROUGH THE PROPHET ISAIAH MIGHT BE FULFILLED" • Sign up to get my posts via E-mail and instantly get a FREE copy of my devotional E-Book! place to get the “big picture” of Jesus’ public Parks Authority has simplified access to the summit people earned their livelihood by either farming or Hi, my name is Wayne Stiles, and I love connecting the Bible and its lands to life. Because there’s so Something inside brings me to mountains, but I had never felt sent from the mountain.

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