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Consumers should also be fully aware of the type of products displayed in the market in order to make informed choices. Overall, Ciliberto said he was surprised by the extent to which herbicide use had increased and concerned about the potential environmental impact. The assessment criteria for these products should also be revised with reference to case studies and reports highlighting potential harms of genetic modification (The Economist 19). According to the researchers: Drought tolerance is a complex trait that involves multiple genes. There are proponents with valid perspectives who argue for and against the concept, but it is important that the benefits of this technology are weighed against the risks, in order to determine the true value of the industry to consumers (Ackerman). GM food production requires patenting, and the large corporations in this sector will eventually push the indigenous farmers out of their farms, while they control food products and prices. I found Monsanto had marketed a drought-resistant corn product, but that this has not had great commercial uptake and its efficacy was questioned by a scientific study. Additionally, the organization claims that adverse effects of these foods have not been proved among the general public where the GM foods have been permitted thus there should be no reason for alarm (World Health Organization). The Economist. As such, the commercial impact of the product is still uncertain. As I mentioned in an earlier article, California – America’s vegetable store – has recently experienced its most severe drought since at least 1571, and the scientist who published these findings believes that it may take decades for the region to fully recover. I have apologized to the company for my hasty mischaracterization of the commercial impact of Arcadia's drought-resistant soybean product. World Health Organization. The World Health Organization further maintains that all GM foods in the global market have been approved after passing the necessary risk assessment tests; hence they are not harmful to human health. Cambridge, MA: Da Capo Press, 2004: 36-38. 18 March 2011. GMO crops are causing ecological damage in the US. Genetic modification of plants is humanity’s oldest and best trick. Further, the herbicide decays in the soil but it leaves deposits on the crops harvested for the consumer. You may opt-out by. These tests have been evaluated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the result is that the GM foods currently in circulation pose no allergic effects to people. You can get your Natural and understandable as suspicions about GMOs’ effects on human health may be, it is completely unfounded. Super pests are created when common pests like budworms and cottonboll worms develop immunity from toxins due to repeated exposure. In this regard, indigenous farmers as well as small economies do not achieve food security; rather they become more dependent on multinational companies. In light of this issue, it is conceivable that the industry intends to sell more genetic engineered agricultural products as well as chemicals; hence environmental safety is a challenge if farmers rely on these products, since they go hand in hand with great use of herbicides/pesticides. Source: National Atlas via Wikipedia, EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation BrandVoice, Internet trolls to intimidate end consumers, very clearly pushing the envelope of historical agricultural conditions. The consumer has the right to be informed of the ingredients in his/her food, irrespective of the safety or harmful levels of the food. In fact, Arcadia has not yet received regulatory approval for the product, so has not been able to sell drought-tolerant soybeans in Argentina. According to the proponents, this move is expected to increase food productivity, thus solving two problems at the same time; the scramble for resources and food security. "Bt Cotton through the Back Door. " These destructive effects on the environment, plant and animal life have been scientifically proven, thus they are not negligible GM crop production definitely introduces harmful effects to the environment and its inhabitants, making it an unsafe means to support food demands. New Scientist. The harmful effects of GM foods production and consumption cannot be overlooked, due to their impact on human health, the environment and socio-economic operation of a society. "FOOD: How Altered? " I am passionate about investing in public and private companies that are focused on ways to help civilization mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. Fortunately, the company withdrew the product from the market before any fatalities occurred. The introduction and widespread use of Genetically Modified (GM) foods has been met with uncertainties in regard to public acceptability due to the confirmed and potential harmful effects of this technology. Mesoamericans, on the other hand, had to work for centuries to cultivate corn (or maize) from its origins as an inch-long bundle of dry seeds into the cobs of succulent kernels we know today. Transgenic techniques [N.B. Conversely, there have been reported cases on potential risks to human health and the environment due to GM foods/crops. Web. The result will be displacement of farmers from their economic activity by more powerful forces, leading to a high rate of food dependency from companies and the government (Committee on the Impact of Biotechnology on Farm-Level Economics and Sustainability 206). Unlike rainforests or tropical trees that support animal life such as fungi, insects and birds, GM trees are flowerless and sterile; hence they cannot support forest life in its entirety. This technology is applied in the production of Genetically Modified (GM) crops/foods in order to meet the desired objectives of the industry operators. However, the adoption of genetically modified soybeans correlated with a negative impact on the environment as increased herbicide use also increased contamination of local ecosystems. Readers are also encouraged to look through Arcadia's website and to review Arcadia's financial statements, which are published on SEC's EDGAR site. Print. In 1989, a genetic modification of the food supplement known as L-tryptophan produced a devastating disease known as the Eosinophilia Myalgia syndrome (EMS).

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