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2. On Having Children But it isn’t always a case, both pros and cons of condoms exists that warns us of the use of condom though supports as well. There are women who do not mind having their menstrual period but there are also those who are not comfortable or happy each time this time of the month comes. If you are too pretty, many will assume that you can't be smart. pros of being a male - piss anywhere. The kinds of policies that entrench this mentality are well-meaning but misguided. Even past childbearing age, you're considered to be a capable surrogate parent. These gives women some perks to enjoy like having a man open the door for her, being given a seat in the bus or experiencing simple acts of chivalry from men. Several reasons can affect their capability to become mothers like surgeries that have affected their reproductive system, infertility and age. Men can urinate anywhere they like. A man can still be a father at 70 years of age while a woman cannot get pregnant in the natural way once she has reached her menopausal age. Marilyn Monroe, for one, was said to have suffered from this that she would not be able to get out of bed for days when in pain. Men generally get more social respect, and people often think them to be more intelligent than they really are. However, despite the achievements of women and the continuous awareness in equality of men and women, the fact still remains. A woman can wear jeans, skirts and gowns as well as accessories that are colorful and fancy. Men Pros: 1. 1. This means that even though there are disadvantages to not having other skills beyond rearing children, you're always going to have a fallback social role. Living longer – And let’s not forget that on average, women live several years longer than men…which as long as you’re healthy and financially secure, is a definite plus! Men can get away with looking hideous or odd to a far greater degree as long as they have other compensating talents. One of the good things about being a woman has something to do with mortality rate. My 7-year old talks a lot about what's "girly" and "boyish." Marie Curie can't just be a great scientist. Moreover, they can wear their boyfriend’s clothes. Another disadvantage associated with this is that women can have reproductive disorders like ovarian cancer and breast cancer that although can be cured if diagnosed earlier, oftentimes, these remain undiagnosed until the cancer has spread. More Accessories and Clothing Choices An attractive woman can get a lot, but a charismatic male executive will be able to leverage good hair and > 6 foot height for many more years than an attractive woman can use her looks. Cons of being a woman. There is joy in being a mother but the lives of women are at risk when they are pregnant or in labor especially of there are complications in the pregnancy. You always have some baseline value to society in your reproductive system, up to a certain age. This gives her the freedom to wear the dress she wants and not be confined to limited choices. 6 Pros and Cons of Being a Female Entrepreneur. Tall, handsome men can leverage appearance just as much if not more than a woman can. I'm unconvinced that this is a real advantage to being a female. Better Communicators The 'affirmative action' mentality. i love being able to please my man! According to the study, women have greater emotional reactivity. Women who get pregnant later in life can have pre-eclampsia or eclampsia, a condition where the blood pressure becomes elevated and this can put the lives of the pregnant woman and her baby at risk. In terms of wearing makeup, some women love the idea of applying makeup while there are those who find it an inconvenience especially that they have to reapply it several times a day at work or have to carry all these products inside their bags. No one is going to command you to risk your life capturing a clod of dirt. Part of HuffPost Women. The little people are always trying to hammer down the nails that stick out. Magazine writers are the least qualified types of person in the world to advise others on how to live their lives. In the US, men are far more likely to be obese than women are. This is also the reason why there are more cases of depression and anxiety in women than men. Perhaps this is because women are smaller and weaker than men physically or this is how some men regard women. It might be that men also experience being harassed but more women are most likely to be harassed or be discriminated on about their gender than men. All rights reserved. According to studies done in the last 30 years, women are better than men when it comes to communication. This is because some women suffer from menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea which can be painful. I'm unconvinced that this is a real advantage to being a female. [2] Why is this the case? Proponents to this say that this can be traced back to history when men and women still live in caves. Helen of Troy's face launched a thousand ships. Uncomplicated friendships. For cultural understanding, all of my answers are from the perspective of a feminized Western Culture: the United States. Longer life spans. Until recently, 'hysteria' was considered a legitimate mental illness much like homosexuality was.

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