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84 0 obj I�ٞ?��K�)7�Çt��>��������m? endobj Morphological aspects of the components of the purity test applied to Stevia rebaudiana seeds produced under controlled conditions in glasshouse and showing the … Pure seed 2. For example, a purity of 90% tells you that 10% of the bag content is inert matter (chaff), weed seed, or other crop. "Real-time Quantitative PCR: DNA. / The Analysis of Proficiency Test Results on the Seed Purity and the Other Seed Dete. endobj 82 0 obj Usually 400 seed are tested - in replicates of • - 4 - 4 x 100. 0000011032 00000 n %������������ 81 0 obj <> endobj <> 0000004770 00000 n <> <> 88 0 obj Seed Testing Genetic Purity Test PCR (2).pdf - Seed Testing Genetic Purity Test PCR by Manahil Sidiqui Submission date 27-Apr-2020 05:20PM(UTC 0500, Seed_Testing_Genetic_Purity_Test_PCR.docx (148.24K), Submitted to Botswana International University, Submitted to University of Western Sydney, J. Böhm. 0000003505 00000 n <> <> 77 0 obj endstream *�飀iy�yEfyTԳ������v�3վjF"dFE�&�gyI֑ ��ʑ���ؐ8*�d�s}:�k�S��3O��+ߦSt�v��ȠV��z�A�ßo�T�UJR������+�}���XA����\`鏘����[#�2k_�R��6�+č stream 76 0 obj 83 0 obj Purity: Pure seed or purity is the percent of seed of the lot that is the stated species. 0000001198 00000 n endobj Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. 85 0 obj The seeds are planted under prescribed conditions favorable for germination and early seedling growth I i. e. 0000006226 00000 n <> <>/Font<>>>/Contents[85 0 R 86 0 R]/Parent 69 0 R>> 0 Other crop seed 3. O@IA�0�m�4�z�:��_�a�nd�Z�3�n{��9s�A�x���l��}�MJ�A�[ݡ�Mc� "�� �zN�ҭ�C��ʉM`觪��P�g��Ք��9Ig)�QaO}Dh�oϪ���XK:J�P�z���>��k�,�H��BA��}S �7��ēr��С�.J ����u '��vE6�7�/�� �C�T&��"�(J���'��K%� XL�|�V@�ʏ���,�Y&f����o��߾Gd� vQ����ӟ�n� <>/StructTreeRoot<>/Metadata 72 0 R>> endobj endobj 78 0 obj <> endobj 79 0 obj Components of seed purity and their characteristics There are 3 major components of a seeds lot carried out for purity analysis. stream <> 0000002452 00000 n 0000006030 00000 n < <33c8495ed652e6417f95202af69202ab>]/Size 89/Prev 1145638>> endstream endobj the purity of a sample of seeds, ex- amine it for seeds of noxious weeds, find out its origin, and ascertain the varietal purity of the seed stock. 74 15 %PDF-1.4 View Seed Testing Genetic Purity Test PCR (2).pdf from ACCOUNTING 1 at University of Sargodha, Sargodha. 74 0 obj endobj 0000003710 00000 n 0000002252 00000 n stream %%EOF KOA4�����C����qVki#�"a��S{��t[�J!y,PHø��s0�q���[�\��Ig '�R�U��ӣ�^������W@��ش;;P��'�ʒT�g�o0�O�����iJH7 ��1v��0�Ij These are: 1. Seed Testing Genetic Purity Test PCR.docx, University of Sargodha, Sargodha • ACCOUNTING 1, Advances in Artificial Intelligence - SBIA 2004 - Ana L.C. Pure seed The pure seed shall refer to the species stated by the sender, or found to Predominate the test, and ��ު.���K�:��?�#ۺ��V��}S_�۷_�.v �9.���h�_�{�� 0�8G��UjqU�)D���V(b�.�'xI����������F!�T��g��M�> �+�6Ϙ[�t�0���gέ.�R���݀���bD]A�Uݹ�G��ÐUPm���^2����������>�튊*��5`���iܻ`����'�wPkzN��p� \%�)L�}"�#��Mca�~G�ډ�ℐOd��oz?|��ĸ��;u 80 0 obj ?n���?7�����L_o�ې/����������\q��4����`��\��D1���/����{1����O�te)%��?{���W�l��y���YzI�d�eU�X��c;�|º;����:�#=A$vع~�Cd�odRUQ�L#usZ�%��|3�0B_�7"�{'��tn��ReT��zh��_�M"7��@���(�aû���X"';�RX��rR �$��ai$�'���^�sR�*�^�w�h�6�T-�GKQ���d�UB�I��]y&���9J;Gg�з'}���-ܷ�\�&3��A�G]�n��RE�ۇȯ���ǥ/O�KQ&Doc��f�˩ށ��Q"�k.+$P��h? <> endobj A purity percentage is calculated as: Although a purity test is simple, it may not be as accurate in assessing quality as other tests. 86 0 obj ����l� s�����7m�?,IH�� uL��EIc4"w^%��-����,/���; ����9 The person v/ho submits the seeds to the laboratory for test usually specifies the services he desires. A sample for a purity test may consist of 100 to 1,000 seeds. <> This preview shows page 1 - 14 out of 14 pages. x��\ێ#7�}���z;'�ɼa����fڃ.�a^dIT)ג�&/U.�������Ò�f2�)i�0Ѐ%/���8ԏ�b���F�Q�� ����abrtħ�KW�Y�^f��ὑSt�q�퐵���*���k�^����W+'(��]�܄�.�|#s��7���n4E���o?>|��#"/י��x�_ 'J�/�yh����<>��6��M"�f�X �E CG�1�-1Ҵo�����]P��@?i›?ż�`(x��-��ؠ�g��)I�$[H{�� Seed quality: Multiple components –Most important components •Cultivar purity •Analytical purity •Germination –Other significant components •Vigour •Seed borne pathogens •Moisture content Measurement of seed quality –Range of laboratory and field tests –Uniformity –Test … xref q 378.24 0 0 605.04 0 0 cm /Im001 Do Q Inert matters 1. trailer t7+�^���x;�2��P���\��4��97mDV���=�Q�X��!iFܛv�r�X�G�KPw�m��(�o()�b�|m��kʣ�N��V��]��,���+���ޯ�]� _k�S{�� =�D�oթ˰r6�i���H�e������ɋ2b�Z���p��L�dW�V�!�$vkP�=�J�E����� V�� ش0-6Ȏ؇��$�i����:�R��^�csx_O:���H6R� ֩ ������9z���}Q"�DRw�]�8��UL�R�+'��^@��n�.��9|!�R�b�Z��ے�Z�֝�=��y�hh�^V���0��v� a�*Ae���z��'9��q�7Е�����l;�oe�CN�S����e�&�$���=%�!�^�c�ئ���F��:u�e5�/cy�9�d�"*!j�N?4痶��`���?Z����–�F����Qeg��x��Gl)�_�]��fSWO�k�n��؟�C�tusAlR�Br�g�+����_PB���̱o.�/Pً���s����\%�$���y9c��N� ��p�F�H_��ܩ�ة>���dSҒj[�(>�_�����i AL'�<2JҎO��>?�v�?�+�c�ͫ�K7�A�!Q�.N��>o�p\& �4�T�T��Fq���v�g�;֗fW���A�=V���/�~����`��Ms�!��v-L��S��ž~�ךD(���恺�Ԟ5,����������+�cH�-6�� 75 0 obj 0000000023 00000 n x�c```a``z"�4@(��������Ġ ��}2�E���'-����z�]Py��'�PHr�ÄN[E������.�6�J�\ ˒�',rg�r������`��)� ��������ȑA0n��b���/>6�1�0��7`�ż���a�R r�'ا0�00 �N One problem encountered in applying a purity test is the subjectivity injected in separating pure seed from impure seed. seed sold requires a lot number. It does not include 0000001013 00000 n �K�#K3��T�~��V���R�����mߡ�'kfP΅3���7I�|J��a�Ƶ��ۀ�Q����\Ɯ� endobj 0000004983 00000 n Seed Testing Genetic Purity Test PCR by … endobj Seeds for the germination test are taken from the pure seed component of the purity test. 0000000743 00000 n <> Bazzan , Sofiane Labidi.pdf, Agent-Oriented Programming - From Prolog to Guarded Definite Clauses - Matthew M. Huntbach.pdf, Artificial General Intelligence - Ben Goertzel, Cassio Pennachin.pdf, Sargodha Medical College, Sargodha • COMPUTER S COMP412, University of Sargodha, Sargodha • MECHANICAL 111111, University of Sargodha, Sargodha • SPECTROSCO 111. from GEN3 seed for GEN4 generation Test inbred purity (200k), adventitious presence test (3000k), warm (400k) and cold test (400k) Test inbred purity (200k), adventitious presence test (3000k), warm (400k) and cold test (400k) Plant 20-40 seeds, select and hand pollinate for GEN2 planting Plant 10+ GEN1 ear samples in ear/rows, select and Other Crop: The percent by weight that is a crop other than the seed species labeled. 0000006314 00000 n endobj 0000000577 00000 n ���>pE����F����%n��`����yѷ¯?=|��}x��!a A|G � )�s���^5��ή>�T�}��d�R~Œ@�ه�,��9��q}z�ї9��dLQ����@��7Q �x]c�Yu���1�ܫAu�^7��k��"��@��>i��"��e�@�*ø ´iC�eg`�O���H�����x� ;%�Oڭ�߯�:kLiū(�"I�O[�&�, �@޼��Fĵ�V�X�D�Ğ���޴�j# o���!�y�{; �Ё�*��c��7�t����q� �h��K���l&�J�N"��Y�C��n�|Z8�嬹���4_�Q��~ۊ�����3���.9-I&1��A~��"��v��U�x†��楘�{��k^ Oh��fj�\�����O<>����J���8��HU���h*�$��7��{p�v&�g�Q���E8�2�sh�7сː3�sM ��. m���1������%�P����j�bX���rO�%� $aW`�9K8a�� ���x�-4�+#,�1 startxref

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