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The Asura Lord, leader of the Gaeans, has entrenched his forces in the basement of the Cathedral with his henchmen Arioch, Astaroth, Surtr, and finally the Chaos Hero. Tales • Developer Megami Tensei, marketed internationally as Shin Megami Tensei (formerly Revelations), is a Japanese media franchise created by Kouji "Cozy" Okada, Kazuma Kaneko, Ginichiro Suzuki, and Kazunari Suzuki. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ; August 18, 2020 - The English dub of Persona 5 The Animation is released in the US and Canada on FunimationNOW. Both sides have their followers and detractors, including the Law Hero and Chaos Hero, respectively. The game may also not be compatible with later iOS versions. The gameplay uses first-person navigation of dungeons and turn-based battles against demons. The upper floors are guarded by the angels Uriel, Gabriel, and Raphael, as well as the Law Hero standing before the angel Michael, the leader of the Messians. Nier • Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Blue Dragon • Super FamicomOctober 30, 1992Turbo CDDecember 25, 1993Mega-CD/Sega CDFebruary 25, 1994PlayStationMay 31, 2001Game Boy AdvanceMarch 28, 2003Game Boy Advance "Best Price"November 26, 2004Wii Virtual ConsoleFebruary 13, 2007PlayStation 3/PSP/Vita (PSOne Classic)July 14, 2010iOSFebruary 23, 2012[1]AndroidOctober 31, 2012[2]Nintendo Switch (Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ - Nintendo Switch Online)July 15, 2020 Granblue Fantasy • Platform All of the playable characters from Shin Megami Tensei are nameless, requiring players to insert names themselves. As a reference to this rumor, the same message appeared in, The game was the first mainline Shin Megami Tensei game to be on. Shin Megami Tensei (True Goddess Metempsychosis), is a long running JRPG Game Series created by Atlus. Valkyria Chronicles • The Messians have aligned themselves with Law, choosing to devoutly follow the plans of their leaders to find salvation in 'God's Thousand-Year Kingdom'. After freeing a man known as the Psychodiver from a Gaean tyrant's prisons, the Protagonist is informed that his soul is inexorably intertwined with another's and it is her pain he feels. The Protagonist has another dream in which he meets the same dream-companions again, only this time they interrupt a ritual sacrifice in the dream. Yo-Kai Watch • Game Information A Neutral Protagonist is greeted by the figure of Taishang Laojun, a being of balance, who thanks him for his efforts on behalf of the universe, and urges that the hero build a new future for mankind, "built by neither reliance on God nor demons, but by the hands of people themselves.". Exist Archive • Publisher Shin Megami Tensei Again, the player has the choice of joining with the Law-aligned Messians, fighting against the demonic leaders of the Ring of Gaea; or to join the Chaos-aligned Gaeans and fight the tyrannical angelic Messian leaders. Super Famicom Turbo CD Mega-CD/Sega CDPlayStationGame Boy AdvanceWii (Virtual Console)Wii U (Virtual Console)PlayStation 3/PSP/PlayStation Vita (PSOne Classic)iOSAndroidNintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch Online) Phantasy Star • Golden Sun • Odin Sphere • Disgaea • The Protagonist can choose to align himself with any of the three factions, but no matter what, the Heroine will be rescued and join his side, the two forces will clash, and Ambassador Thorman - the deity/demon Thor in disguise - will launch nuclear missiles on Tokyo, destroying nearly everything. Programmer(s) With the Psychodiver's help, the Protagonist enters her mind and defeats the demon possessing her. iOSMarch 18, 2014 After defeating Asura Lord at the behest of Law, Michael at the request of Chaos, or both to restore the balance, the Protagonist is teleported to the roof of the Cathedral above the clouds. Producer(s) Despite their efforts, she is captured by Gotou's forces and Yuriko appears to personally oversee her public execution, claiming that once she is gone, Yuriko can be with the Protagonist eternally. Only a few Messians and Gaeans remain alive in the Cathedral and they continue to try to eradicate the other. Keitai Denjuu Telefang • The story begins with a dream sequence as the nameless Protagonist is led through a formless hallway to meet a crucified man, a man tortured by demons, and a beautiful woman bathing who pledges to be with him eternally.Upon waking, the story begins in Tokyo as the Protagonist checks his email to learn that a mysterious man calling himself Stephen has sent out a suspicious 'Demon Summoning Program' to all those willing to u… Fairy Fencer F • The Chaos Hero finds his way into the Ring of Gaea while the Law Hero's soul is appropriated by the Messians and he is reborn as their Messiah. Shin Megami Tensei is the first game in the Shin Megami Tensei series of games developed by Atlus Co., Ltd.. As the girl wakes up, she tells the Protagonist about vague memories of her former life. The story begins with a dream sequence as the nameless Protagonist is led through a formless hallway to meet a crucified man, a man tortured by demons, and a beautiful woman bathing who pledges to be with him eternally. Both sides try to convince the Protagonist to join their cause, and he can choose to join Echidna and serve Chaos, join Aniel and serve Law, or slay both to assert his allegiance to neither, depending on the player's choice. She was the Heroine who died saving him, but her soul was so strongly connected to him that she was reborn into the world without her memories of anything but the Protagonist. Kazuma Kaneko Originally based on the Digital Devil Story Light Novels, the franchise has grown to contain numerous games, spin-offs and derivative works.The Games usually involve the sudden appearance of the supernatural on the world, with Gods, Demons and creatures from all faiths involved, and Apocalyptic scenarios soon following. Dragon Quest • Originally released for the Super Famicom in 1992 in Japan, it has been ported to multiple systems and eventually released in the West for iOS in 2014. Previously unavailable in English, Atlus Co, Ltd. localized the iOS version and released it in North America on March 18, 2014. Shin Megami Tensei The Law Hero sacrifices himself while protecting the Protagonist from a powerful demon who steals his soul.

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