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Are you guys available at the Terre Haute IN Fresh Thyme by chance? Hi Maggie! Pederson’s is working toward meeting the new nutritional reporting guidance required by FDA. Keep your eyes out, because it's coming! New Seasons in Portland has it, so the other NS's probably do as well. Additionally, you can always buy our entire No Sugar, Whole30 Approved line online at Cover with a paper towel and cook on high to desired crispness: 2 Slices: 1-2 min. It's for Applewood Smoked, but it works just fine for our other belly bacons, as well. In the meantime, you can always purchase our No Sugar Bacon along with the entire No Sugar line online at I assume you're talking about Gluten Free. Use coupon code WELCOME10 for 10% off your first order. I must avoid iodized salt due to the potential of it having dextrose in it (or another potato derivative). Hi Kate, Okay, it doesn't look like there are any retailers in your area unfortunately. Thanks for your interest in our No Sugar Bacon. We are glad to hear they enjoy our bacon. I hope that helps. should have it, as well. Have a great week! We most definitely want to help facilitate you being able to get our bacon. Will Pederson's offer a Bacon w/o any extracts? Fred Meyer - Simple Truth™ No Sugar Uncured Hardwood Smoked Bacon, 12 oz. You can find it. If you'll send us your address, we'd be happy to send you out a refund. Hi Marsha. Liven up your platter with a few slices of turkey bacon or use as an ingredient to make your recipes more scrumptious! Please let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks so much for your interest in our products. These are all of the compliant and Approved Whole30 and Paleo bacon brands I know are available! Hi there! Happy Monday! Could you possibly show your doctor a screenshot of the product page showing ingredients and nutritional facts so he/she can better help you decide? The local Natural Grocers stopped carrying your Sugar Free. As we review labels, there may be some changes in reported values based on recommended serving sizes and based on more accurate nutritional numbers provided to us by our ingredient suppliers. My local store is out of the products I want . This is verified through testing, auditing, and tracing all feed sources from seed, to feed, to animal. Have a great week! It looks like any of the Whole Foods or Fresh Thymes in your area carry our product. I use to live in Vancouver, was and got it there. Hi Melissa, Hi there, We've changed the packaging, and it now looks like. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. Hi Jami. In the meantime, you can always order our entire line of No Sugar products at Have a great day! Hi Shane. However, I will pass your request on to our Research & Development department. I hope that helps. Where to buy: This bacon is available at Kroger, Fred Meyer and Ralph stores. It looks like you should be able to find this bacon in the Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts, or Natural Grocers in your area. Are GMO ingredients good or bad? If you give me a general vicinity, I can get an answer for you. Unfortunately, though, our Turkey Bacon is not available in your area. Have you checked our store locator. I'm not showing any local retailers in your area. Hi Cheryl, Have a great day! I hope that helps. Is there any chance this product is found in Canada? You should be able to find our No Sugar Bacon at Choices Market and Whole Foods. I suspect the website would not ship here. Have a great week! 866.925.1338 Live chat Offline Join Log in. Hi Sharon, I'm very confused,please help me understand ! Much of our store locator is updated automatically based on if a store scans one of our products recently. Have you checked with any of the Sprouts in your location? Bring home the better bacon for a truly delightful addition to any meal, recipe, or enjoy as is. Hi Fran, I hope that helps! Do you sell your products in Sault Ste Marie MI? We are not super familiar with that region as all of Pederson’s products are being funneled into Canada through a distributor. Where can I find it in Pembroke Pines ,FL ? I live i zipcode 92673. It looks like the Fresh Thyme in Terre Haute does carry some of our products, and it shows that No Sugar Bacon is one of them. Pederson's is working toward meeting the new nutritional reporting guidance required by FDA. Hi Theresa, Can you tell me if this sugar free bacon is available in my zip code area 62052. Since it's quite a distance for you to drive, I'd definitely call first to check availability. It should also possibly be available at Pomme Natural Markets (should be one on Davie St). Have a great day! turkey, water, vinegar, sea salt, raw sugar, celery powder. Our bacon does, in fact, go through a salt curing as well as a smoke curing process. If so, yes, this bacon is Gluten Free! Would that be because y’all do not make that size anymore or that they just quit selling it. Hope that helps. Zip is 32164. Any of the Sprouts in your area should carry some variety of our No Sugar line. Thanks for your interest in our products! You can always order this bacon, as well as our entire No Sugar line, at I noticed on your bacon that there is no celery juice/powder which is why I bought it so all right in thinking that there are no nitrates in your uncured sugar free hickory bacon? After we work through all of those existing labels, we will transition 100% over to the new nutritional information that is reflected on the website and your 30 calorie/serving label. Have a great day! Where can I get this in Smyrna ga? 80 calories. Shop for undefined at Kroger. Hi Nelda, I live in Canada and was wondering if your bacon is available here or if it can be sent here. We use to be able to buy this bacon in 2lb packages at our Sam's in North Dallas, TX. I'm not sure which area of Vegas you are in, but you can use our store locator to pin point the closest to you. So sorry about that. Is this bacon GF? This is is my favorite and I’d love to be able to find it again!! Hello! We are so glad to hear that you love our bacon! Menu. Hi Jennifer, :) Have a great day! It looks like you should be able to find our No Sugar Bacon at your local Fresh Thyme. Order a case, Hi Nelda, Can you tell me where to find this in Bakersfield or Santa Clarita/Valencia, CA? It looks like you should be able to find this at The Healthy Butcher, Whole Foods, or Fiesta Farms. Our uncured hickory smoked bacon contains no added hormones, no preservatives, no MSG added, and no antibiotics ever! Please list local stores to purchase. Have a great week! There is no indication that it was a bad batch, but we suspect it may have been caused by a leaking package. Our pork is humanely raised without the use of antibiotics or growth stimulants and fed no animal by-products. I recently purchased the Whole30 uncured bacon, hickory smoked, no sugar added and it was absolutely delicious! I hope you're able to get your hands on it soon! We do not use iodized salt, and there is no dextrose in it. Hi Kristen, Have a great day! Hi Lauren, What makes our bacon simply better? Hey Gary, Hi Kelly, That's correct. Very interested in your bacon... both pork and turkey...where in Massachusetts can I find them? It looks like any of the Rouse's in your area should be carrying these products. Added sugars are those that are added to foods and are not naturally present. Thanks for letting us know. Where can I buy in Las Vegas ? MORE BACON RECIPES. Thanks for your question. Thanks for your interest, and have a great day! Thanks for your inquiry. We purchased a uncured no sugar added smoked kielbasa from Whole Foods, it's use or freeze date is 6.13.18 but we went to use it this morning and it smells off and the end is turning green!!!! Meaning it does not go through any type of salt curing process to remove moisture? I hope that helps. Additionally, you get all of the benefits of the natural antioxidants known to be present in pomegranate and rosemary. We can purchase locally in most full sized HEB supermarkets in Central Texas, and it's also in Whole Foods in the Austin area stores--for the same price as HEB!

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