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Instead of buying glaze I made my own from 5 Tablespoons strawberry jello, 1-1/2c water and 4 Tablespoons cornstarch. You won't be disappointed," says Shell051nj. If you need a quick and easy shortcut treat, give this 4-ingredient cookie a try. "This cake was absolutely phenomenal," says little biscuits. Or unwrap the cream and microwave it in short bursts, turning it over after each burst, until it's at room temperature. Cut it into squares for storing in the fridge, so kids can help themselves. "The perfect choice for a lazy Sunday morning breakfast," says lutflcat. It's frosted with a to-die-for chocolate cream cheese frosting, making it a fantastic birthday cake or an impressive dessert for dinner parties. They were excellent warm, and they were just as good the next day. This fast-and-easy tiramisu cake recipe is made with a prepared or purchased angel food cake and, instead of a mascarpone filling, sweetened cream cheese with coffee liqueur is used. Peanut butter loving kids and adults will cheer for this nutty pie that requires no baking whatsoever. Looking to make the best desserts ever? Just a handful ingredients are needed to make refreshing tropical pineapple pie. naples34102 says, "Quite possibly one of the better, easy dessert recipes I've tried in awhile. This recipe for unicorn pop tarts plays on Kellogg's classic breakfast treat. Make pumpkin cheesecake bars for a potluck, bake sale, or a change of pace at Thanksgiving. Remove from heat and spread on the strawberries when it is cool.". Two of the greatest desserts collide for a treat nobody can resist: Oreo Churros. You already know and love the rich, creamy structure and tangy flavor that cream cheese brings to cheesecakes. Whipped cream cheese can be substituted for block cream cheese ounce for ounce in recipes that are not going to be cooked. Full-fat vs. low-fat. Caramelized Apricots with Whipped Cream, Cream Cheese and Spice Cookies Kooking. Allrecipes, Credit: It's a tall show-stopper with all the coffee and chocolate flavors you've come to expect from a traditional tiramisu. rblake53, 15 Luscious Cream Cheese Desserts That Aren't Straight Up Cheesecake. It was easier to cut into bars, in the baking dish and using a pizza cutter after chilling in fridge. Dessert is easy with this layered cherry and cream dessert that requires no cooking. LYNNINMA, Credit: Lovely lemon cream cheese cookies have a soft and tender texture and bright-tasting citrus icing, perfect for enjoying with a cup of afternoon tea or coffee. Quick side note: watch these cookies! Make them easily in well under an hour with cocoa powder, cream cheese, unsweetened baking chocolate, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and just a little salt. Kids will have fun helping you to put the thumbprint indentations in the center. Polish Cream Cheese Cookies (Kołaczki) These tasty little Polish-style cookies are made with a rich … lutzflcat, Credit: If you forgot to take your cream cheese out of the fridge, you can try these tricks to bring it to room temperature. Sign up for our newsletter and get our cookbook! This change-of-pace dessert looks stunning on a dessert table, and tastes just as amazing as it looks. Beat in lemon juice and vanilla. Red Velvet Cake Truffles. Go ahead and use canned peaches when fresh fruit is not available. Fill them with your favorite flavor of fruit jam or preserves for a delectable treat that looks pretty on the plate. Or unwrap the cream and microwave it in short bursts, turning it over after each burst, until it's at room temperature. Like my mini cream cheese tart, this keto mini cheesecake is perfectly sized for one or two people. "One thing I would do is to twist a paper towel and try and dry out lightly the inside of the strawberries before filling that way the filling doesn't slide out," says chrissy. Cream cheese, peanut butter, and a few other ingredients are folded into a prepared graham cracker crust, then chilled. "Easy and wonderful. Rich, decadent and beautiful. Rich, decadent red velvet cake is nearly impossible to resist, especially … Cream cheese should be at room temperature so it blends better with other ingredients. MrsSandro, Credit: Most cakes begin by beating butter and sugar together. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, How to Soften Cream Cheese Quickly for Baking and Cooking, 20 Festive Thanksgiving Cakes to Serve on Turkey Day, 25 Cozy Baking Recipes That Taste Like Fall, 12 Incredible Pumpkin Cream Cheese Desserts, 31 Decadent Chocolate Desserts for Valentine's Day, 22 Funfetti-Inspired Cakes and Treats Worth Celebrating, 31 Pumpkin Desserts to Get You in the Fall Mood, The 65 Best Christmas Desserts of All Time. If a recipe is going to be cooked, block cream cheese will always give the best results; whipped cream cheese contains too much moisture and will make your cooked recipe runny. Of all of the keto dessert recipes made with cream cheese, cheesecake is usually the first to mind. Red velvet cupcakes look super-pretty and have a rich chocolate flavor that makes them a wonderful hostess gift or a special treat after family dinners. Refrigerated crescent dough makes this pastry even easier to make. "Personal cheesecakes topped with decadent ganache and a beautiful strawberry. Line the bottom of 12 shot glasses with miniature chocolate chips. With vanilla glaze and more rainbow sprinkles, this homemade version tastes best enjoyed fresh from the oven.

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