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Shin Left Greenhill to sharpen his skills as a swordsman, and never returned. ----- VERSION 0.5 June 20, 2k ----- - Major corrections in the walkthrough and add more informations of all characters in Suikoden 2 and their combination combos. ===== eeeeeeeeeeeeee [suikoden ii] ©1996-1999 konami ====eeeeeeeeeeeeee===== eeeee nnnn nnn ddddddd iii nnnn nnn gggggggggg eeeee nnnnn nnn ddddddddd iii nnnnn nnn gggggggggggg eeeeeeeeeeee nnnnnn nnn ddd dddd iii nnnnnn nnn gggg eeeeeeeeeeee nnn nnn nnn ddd ddd iii nnn nnn nnn gggg ggggg eeeee nnn nnn … Teresa Wisemail Became Mayor of Greenhill and made peace with the Karaya. 2.2 February 10, 2000] New ending sequence as described by K. O'Donnell (, more on the squirrels and other forest-lovers. Suikoden II Recruitment Guide. Suikoden 2 and 4 have good and bad endings. Suikoden 1 has one ending, but the picture at the end is different if you recruited all the stars. [v. 2.3 January 08, 2001] Just a few minor revisions, almost a year after the last revision ^^;; Bear with me. Later became headmaster and also taught at the school. Emilia Returned to New Leaf Academy. I'm pretty sure Suikoden 3 and Tactics only have one ending … Endings. For, you see, some of Suikoden II’s bugs are unforgiving. The best ending in Suikoden II has a mixed response from fans. Without a Suikoden II walkthrough, however, you are almost guaranteed to miss out on some characters, collectibles, or other unique items. Suikoden II: Gameplay Guides: Endings Guide by CelesDestiny. for suikoden ii on the playstation, endings guide by ccajes. Endings Guide by Ruk Chan v.2.3 | 2001 | 13KB Enemy List by CCajes v.2.0 | 2000 | 49KB Final Battle Quote Guide by AsmodeanBT v.1.2 | 2010 | 46KB Requiring the player to have recruited all 108 Stars before heading to Rockaxe and having saved Nanami from certain death, this ending gives the original trio a surprisingly bittersweet conclusion.

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