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Step 1: Pour 2½ cups of water in a pot and place it on the stove on high heat.Wait for the water to come to a boil. I have been following your blog for a few months and needed a new method for cooking jasmine rice after my last four times failed on my new stove. Subscribe to my newsletter and follow along on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for all of the latest updates. Added 1 1/2 cups of jasmine rice and stirred to coat. I’ve been struggling to cook rice over a stove since moving out of home. This worked PERFECTLY! It came out perfect!!!! This order makes a big difference to overflow – if you put the lid on to speed up bringing to a boil, it traps the heat build up and you’re guaranteed foam overflow If you bring to boil first, then lower, THEN put lid on, less heat is trapped! Crisp fried chicken with stir-fried vegetables and cashew nuts. Let’s face it. For something different, try using it to make a sticky rice pudding, or make your own fragrant rice using basmati and different spices. Thanks so much for a great recipe!! I was browsing thru rhe recipes and found this and was curious so I read thru it. Your email address will not be published. 1st time my Jasmine rice came out great. I am so glad I discovered this blog. Sooooo I usually use my instant pot to make my rice and today I was at my Mother in Law’s house. Nagi, your recipes are the best, both for the flavours and directions. Thank you so much for sharing, I’m going to do this every time ☺️. If you bring to simmer with lid on, you need to be more careful about exactly when you turn the heat down so it doesn't get foamy overflow. Well, I cooked it according to your recipe after posting my comment, and there was no overflow! Thank you for demystifying the absorption method which I have never had success with until now. Glass lid is easiest - you can see what's going on inside without lifting the lid, especially useful at end to check if all water is absorbed. How to Cook Jasmine Rice on the Stovetop Ingredients. Thanks! I used to just boil the rice in heaps of water and the end result was always so gluey and watery the rice tonight turned out perfect! Thank you for sharing! Rice is life as we may say. Going to make it again tonight!!! Thank you so much Nagi!! Use it quickly and buy fresh rice often. You will need about 2 cups of uncooked jasmine rice to make enough to serve four to five people. For 3 cups rice+, use a pot. You’ve been cooking Jasmine Rice wrong your whole life! The ratio of water to rice is the single most important factor for producing well-cooked rice. I grew up with an Asian mom and I was taught to rinse the rice. My “Queen of Rice” neighbor will be so proud – she never measures, her mom taught her ! Thank you! Thank you! What most people do not know is that jasmine rice is softer than most white rice, which means you need less water in order for the rice to cook so it’s soft and fluffy, rather than gummy on the outside. Place rice in a bowl, fill with water and swish. BTW, I’ve noticed that different brands cook differently . Yes, 1/4 cup really makes a difference! Hi Meredith! Your method gave PERFECT rice without the drama! I never thought to do this before on the stove. This is definitely the right track. Much easier to to lid off first, then lid on when you turn it down. An aromatic long-grain rice favoured in Thai and Vietnamese cooking. Busting an age old myth here – that rinsing the rice is mandatory for fluffy rice. Thank you! N x. Omg Nagi, this is amazing! We have a gas cooktop so I used a simmer mat to keep the temperature under the pan very low for 12 minutes. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe, I highly recommend for those looking to finally cook Jazmin rice right. Tag me on Instagram at. Keep the lid on then remove from heat. I served it with turkey fricassee and the rice was soft but still had some ‘chew’, not mushy. Required fields are marked *. My rice was cooked perfectly and I haven’t been kicked out of the family yet. The chemical compounds that give this rice its beautiful aroma are quick to break down, so that jasmine rice loses some of its flavour as it ages. Thank you for such clean, clear notes with a lot of information for us (me) novices! Bring the water to a boil in a medium saucepan. A question: how do I stop my rice water foaming over the edges of the saucepan. Join my free email list to receive THREE free cookbooks! Place rice in bowl, fill with water. Perfect every time for the first time in my life. 1 cup rice = 3 cups cooked = 3 to 4 servings as a side. You just need to cook clever and get creative! I was curious if you had any direction on how to store cooked rice/reheat (aside from making delicious fried rice)? Thank you thank you thank you!!! Nagi, you just smash it out of the park every time. I tried your recipe last night without washing the rice and it came out absolutely perfect! You’d be surprised that this tastes just as good as rice that you rinse except you actually get to keep the starch goodness. Use a medium to large saucepan for up to 2 cups. You’re the best Nagi – my friend and I always say you’re our favourite person because your recipes are always perfection! And tonight I have thrown a piece of chicken on top and Hainese sauce ( Ayam) and it is so yummy. My rice cooker recently died, and I was looking at replacing it with a (very expensive) Cuckoo rice cooker. Serve with steamed jasmine rice. Drain in colander, cook per recipe. I made 1 1/2 cups rice to 1 7/8 cups water – followed your instructions and voila! It’s also known as fragrant rice and is quite similar to Indian basmati, but is slightly stickier. It’s also known as fragrant rice and is quite similar to Indian basmati, but is slightly stickier. I searched on google and saw your recipe at the top of the list and decided to try it out since I love your other recipes. Also see How to Cook: White rice | Basmati Rice | Brown Rice. I’ve always gotten flawless results with a rice cooker, but the problem there is that there was always a layer of scorched rice stuck to the bottom—almost enough to amount to a full serving. Jasmine rice is a lovely, subtly perfumed rice used across South East Asia. Your email address will not be published. I was terrified to make rice on the stove and then I came upon this site. 2. Once measured, pour into a deep medium-sized pot that has a tight-fitting lid. Happens EVERY TIME, and makes cooking rice VERY messy for my stovetop! Though traditionally associated with South East Asian foods, it will goes perfectly with any Asian foods, and even Indian food if you don’t have basmati rice. Added 1 bay leaf, chopped fresh basil, and some ground black pepper. At this point, you can rinse the rice two to five times in water (until the water is clear) to remove any excess starch powder. Reason we bring to simmer without lid is to reduce risk of overflow once lid goes on. Use for all things Thai – and anything really. We recently moved to a different state and I don’t have my rice cooker yet so I was scrambling to find a stove top version (I’m not good at cooking rice). It looks great and I’m going to try it because I’ve tried a dozen ways and I’m still not happy with my Jasmine rice. I tried your stovetop method in one of those Blue Diamond saucepans (a cup of rice and 1.25 cups of water, plus three good slices of butter). 2 cups white jasmine rice; 2½ cups of water; A pot with a well-fitted lid & a fork/spatula; Instructions. If you need to rinse the rice to clean it, if you just can’t break the habit, or if your Asian mother would have your head if you didn’t, here’s how: Once you get the rice and water ratio right, then the steps are exactly the same as cooking normal white rice and basmati rice: Use for all things Thai, Vietnamese dishes, stir fries, and use for fried rice like Nasi Goreng. OMG…where has this recipe been all my life. The result is almost perfect; I should maybe simmer a little faster because even after the ten-minute post-simmer wait, there was still a bit of extra firmness in the middle of the grains, but there was no rice stuck to the bottom of the pan. I grew up cooking it from a rice cooker, so its nice to know a different technique on preparing it. My curry (well, technically your red curry) wasn’t ready after the 10 minute resting time so I just left the lid on the rice pan for another 10 minutes until the curry was done and the rice turned out perfectly. I made a lot of overly soft jasmine rice in my life that I was never really happy with until I finally figured this out. Drain rice in a colander, transfer to saucepan. Not even sure if that’s a thing-again, novice. – Nagi x. Hungry for more? Hey Nagi, I recently just discovered your website and absolutely love it! Bring to rapid simmer with NO LID on medium high. If lid is not tight fitting or heavy, then you may get bubble overflow - reduce heat if this happens, it will subside as water gets absorbed by rice. Honey Soy Chicken – Marinade & Sauce (excellent grilled!).

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