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It goes directly to dA. Note that these are not just MY opinions. It's the month of October, and you know what that means! there is THIS:  tho so i guess we can all just go fund these guys to get a site thatll listen to us lmfao If you use FireFox, look at the top right corner, right in front of your username. Rhuen1 ... or even log off *have to use phone to come on here and force a log off* if I use tab to enter a gallery It only gives me one page and I can't access anymore than that, including my own galleries. The old version of the site will be retired." Stop Eclipse started this petition to Deviantart Eclipse is a downgrade from Deviantart. Banners, the one thing that DeviantArt's page has for decoration, is barely usable because of dA's cropping. this comment thread is basically confirming that eclipse is going ahead no matter what we do The colors and layout of the pages are eye-straining and headache-inducing. I'll have to fix this at the library. Icons are now 100x100 Everything is HUGE. The past couple days I've seen so many status posts and journals threatening to leave because of how much people hate the Eclipse version of deviantArt, but I couldn't personally see what would make an update so bad people didn't want to be here anymore. Huge thumbnails in journals look disorganized and messy; The previews take up the entire page, whether there's an image or not. I have thois acount 3 years and i can't switch to the old site. now idk about you guys but i have a feeling that danlev/staff may try and delete this screenshot so ive saved a copy myself.. anyway the, I totally agree what ~rocozy ( said about this new layout. There is a button that says "Eclipse." As per their newest announcement, Eclipse is about to be forced onto everyone. I hear it was because the site was plagiarized or copyrighted from another similar site. And keep an eye out, because that's not all we have in store... @Furarriums, Welp I'm hopping on the band-wagon I suppose, but not in a negative matter of speaking. They are a collective group of many peoples' agreed-upon opinions put into one neat place. Join Chrome and the mod team as we guide you through an fun frightfest with plenty of glassies to boot! 100% agreed, and I hope they take your response to heart too. 1. Like....really big Here is how you opt out of all three: Hover over your username and select " Settings " from the drop-down menu. How do I turn off "eclipse" Forums > DeviantArt > Deviants. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. The main browsing page is hard to easily navigate. still, i would consider letting you guys to know about this and to sign it and see if this'll change danlev ('s mind, BUT ITS DOUBTFUL because of this note here:   But instead of going to court to settle the matter and have a better chance of winning, the people who own Deviantart puss out, give up without a fight, and downgrade their whole site. I really hope something changes with the Eclipse otherwise I might have to go over to a new site and start over. Eclipse On-the-Go. [idea] If you don't have core, and don't know what eclipse is, I took some screenshots of my experience with it. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. I finally got to test it out today, and I must say it's got a nice modern design and it seems like it's easier to access pla, ITS COME BACK NNNOOOOOOO ITS FINALLY HAPPENING UUGGGHHH D; Not that the deviantART Staff was not already rank and filed with narcisistic degenerates, but the company that owns deviantART, Wix -- has a very long list of negative customer feedback. Seriously, if the creators of this site actually read this, then maybe they’ll wake up and realize how much they messed up and bring the old one back. A petition to stop it before it takes into place. Cannot remove gallery images from your page, no polls on page. I tried to use Eclipse to do that today and got an error message saying that HTML files are not allowed (!) I don't know if my browser is just too old to handle it or what, and I've tried to use the contact feature but no reply in days. It's a broken over complicated peace of garbage that's hard to navigate, hard to make heads or tails of, easy to get stuff mixed up in, and it takes 7 steps to do things that take 2 or 3 in DA Classic even if you can work your way around it. well that explains that, I have no other browser on my home computer. This folder lets you migrate any saved notifications to Eclipse. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools.

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