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Has 18 frets over its rosewood board and is cheaper than the Lanikai. Its tone is generally lower, like the last few strings of a guitar. I personally prefer the traditional Aquila ukulele string series (not sponsored! Types of Bridges: Tie- bar Bridge - The Tie-bar Bridge is a common style found on many ukuleles. The concert ukulele has more tension in its strings and tends to give a fuller resonance. Bridges for Ukulele at, your #1 source for luthier tools and supplies, guitar parts, and instrument hardware. The soprano ukulele is the most commonly used type and is a great selection for beginners. While the traditional Ukulele is exactly what you would expect it to be, the baritone uke resembles more of a travel guitar than the Hawaiian instrument. However, this is a small setback, and its pros still outweigh its cons. This way, you will get yourself a ukulele that stays with you for a long time, and on which you can play beautiful music for years to come. Sawtooth Mahogany Ukuleles are a great value. Because it has a lot more frets, you can easily play higher notes. However, since I have listed the features of all, you are sure to pick one that will create the type of music you want to. We’ll go through all of them! However, many musicians tune it like a baritone, having low notes. It typically creates a sound that is woody, and its spacing is widest at the bridge, making it a great choice for finger-pluckers. Is the least expensive among the three and is made of mahogany wood, giving the deepest and fullest tone. Save on Over 900 Items, Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce. Also, there are many different types of wood they are made from, and a whole range of brands. It may not have the crisp, rich tone of the soprano, but the baritone is best for producing deep notes. The sound it creates is full and has a bit of a twang. Among the many types of ukeleles, this one is the least costly and will stay with you for the longest period of time. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the baritone will not let you down. A perfect uke for a player at any level. The mahogany top, back and sides produce a warm, rich mid-range tone. Many professionals choose this type since it is easy to play and gives a great sound. Since it has a short profile, it is the perfect ukulele to get if you travel a lot, since that makes it easy to carry. Is built with mahogany wood and is adorned with a delicate pattern. Its tone is crisp and well balanced, and has a mahogany body. The different types of ukulele each have features, benefits, and shortcomings. Is the best pick for both pros and beginners. Ukulele Restringing Tutorial 4 Bridges & 2 Headstocks - YouTube Great Ukulele for beginners or four-string strumming professionals. Best Ukulele Reviews - Choose the Right One for Your Needs! As there are many different types of ukuleles, choosing one can be a hard task. It gives off a very loud and rich sound, typically associated with traditional Hawaiian ukeleles. Its thin sound is the one that people generally relate with a ukulele. The sound on it is richer than others, and many professional artists favour it to play their music on. It produces a fuller and much deeper sound, ideal for specifically composing blues. Designed with love and tons of coffee..... 4 Different Types of Ukeleles - Choose the Correct One! Last Thoughts About the Types of Ukuleles, Best Tenor Ukulele Reviews - Top 5 in the Market for 2020, Best Ukulele for Beginners - Top 10 in the Market for 2020, 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn and Play the Ukulele, Best Soprano Ukulele Reviews - Top 5 of the Market for 2020, Best Concert Ukulele Reviews - Selection of the Top 5.

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