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Why they all bought Sun Joe MJ401E Lawn Mower ? Whose product testing? I also spotted new (or new to me) Hercules power tool accessories – drill bits, impact screwdriver bits, and masonry bits. Maybe the battery packs are even physically compatible? Several people wrote in about a new line of Harbor Freight Hercules cordless power tools. The battery pack looks similar enough to where it might be mistaken as Dewalt’s, and the same with the drills and impact driver, based on the shape of the handle. What if Harbor Freight is seeking to produce jobsite tough tools? I wanted a Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawn Mower because……. There’s a Hercules cordless hammer drill as well. And there’s also a Harbor Freight Hercules cordless impact driver, with max torque spec’ed at 1500 in-lbs. Why choose Raven MPV7100 Hybrid as your lawn mower? The simple fact is that the DeWalt tool brand he loves is a brand owned by Stanley Black & Decker Inc., and is "Proudly Made in the USA using global parts and materials," which is a fancy way of saying most of the tool parts were manufactured overseas using plastics and metals of foreign manufacture -- basically they are "Assembled in the USA." Who Makes the Hercules Miter Saw? I bet they’re not going to draw any comparisons with Dewalt’s DCF885C1 impact driver kit, which is still at its seasonal price of $99 at Amazon.The Harbor Freight Hercules model costs more – $110 – although it probably goes on sale for $99. The form factor is definitely similar. And there’s also a Harbor Freight Hercules cordless impact driver, with max torque spec’ed at 1500 in-lbs. Who Makes the Hercules Miter Saw? The Hercules drill kit, according to Harbor Freight specs, is a little faster and more powerful. I’m curious. There’s the BlueBraid titanium coating, StarterPoint tips, and Tri-Flat shanks. But it isn’t quite a perfect clone. I’m also seeing legendary performance being thrown around for both the tools and new Hercules power tool accessories. Because we all know how objective,fair, and balanced tool brands are when comparing their tools against other brands’. What about Milwaukee’s seasonal bargain 2606-21L kit? Impact drivers vs Cordless drills – Harbor Freight Store, Harbor Freight tools- Equipements, Coupons, and discounts, Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Cordless Tools Review. What will Harbor Freight do next with their Hercules lineup? More tools, or will they stop here? And it comes with a larger battery pack. It actually beats the Harbor Freight 20V Hercules drill kit on price too; the Dewalt kit is $99 with (2) battery packs. The Hercules seems to be made by Harbor Freight. I don’t have the greatest impression of Harbor Freight, especially in regard to power tools. The Hercules drill bit set is said to deliver Legendary Performance. When a professional tool brand comes out with a new tool, thought has gone into each component. Found this on garage … In regard to tools, this can mean compromises in performance, durability, runtime, ergonomics, or overall quality. Notes on tool company sales numbers. Hercules plumbing chemicals and products were designed to make a professional plumber's job easier and faster. Personally, I’m a fan of Makita’s, Hitachi’s, and DeWalt’s ergonomic handle designs, so I can hardly blame any manufacturer for following the spirit of the same design. What I found both curious and somewhat ironic, most of the features of the Hercules drill bit set had their own trademarked branding. What strikes me as odd is that Harbor Freight is calling the Hercules a 20 Volt cordless lineup. There are very strong similarities. They’re too similar to Dewalt’s tools to simply be “inspired.” Color the Hercules tools yellow, and I’m sure there would be confusion. Hercules, Inc., was a chemical and munitions manufacturing company based in Wilmington, Delaware, incorporated in 1912 as the Hercules Powder Company following the breakup of the Du Pont explosives monopoly by the U.S. Harbor Freight is able to offer low-priced tools by shipping the manufacturing out to the cheapest Chinese manufacturer. Bosch – Our best estimate is $6.2B in tool … Here are some notes how we arrived at estimations for the following companies. Hercules is well-known for its Sta Put plumbers putty, Hercules for hands, Glug, Megaloc thread sealant, Johni bolts and Johni rings, and more recently Megatape, Haymaker, and Sludgehammer. What I find hilarious is that many DeWalt … A Step by step guide on how to Choose a Lawn Tractor? Lanxi Kingway International Trade Co., Ltd. High Quality Vise Grip Locking Pliers (FX-LP09), High Quality Professional Extra Wide Adjustable Wrench Spanner (FM-W05), Fibre Glass Handle Sledge Hammer (FM-HM-060), 11-32mm Multifunctional Hand Repair Tool Universal Socket Wrench, Germany Type Industrial High Quality Combination Pliers in Guangzou, Double Open End Chrome Plated Wrench in Guangzhou, High Quality Hand Tool Wooden Handle Claw Hammer. Harbor Freight is able to offer low-priced tools by shipping the manufacturing out to the cheapest Chinese manufacturer. No. The new cordless drill is said to be on-par with Dewalt’s older DCD780 model. It’s said to be a little more powerful, and also comes with a 2.5Ah-rated battery compared to Dewalt’s 1.5Ah. Keep in mind that appearances can be deceiving. I’d much sooner buy that Dewalt kit than this Harbor Freight Hercules one. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. Cr8ondt. They once asked about our review process, and I gave them the usual spiel, about how we test tools objectively and fairly and won’t accept money, and never heard back. The Dewalt 20V Max brushless DCD777 is currently $99 via Amazon. For these new Hercules tools, it looks like Harbor Freight duplicated Dewalt’s 20V Max ergonomics and battery pack styling as close as they could. Instead of (2) 1.5Ah batteries that come with that kit, this Hercules drill comes with a single 2.5Ah battery pack. What’s also odd is that there are several new or at least new to me 18V-class lineups – Hercules, “Earthquake XT” that looks to be a Milwaukee M18 clone, and a new lower-spec’ed Bauer Hypermax lineup. The internal workings of the Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Drill either are or aren’t identical to DeWalt’s, depending on which internet source you look at. It’s nearly as fast and powerful as the DCD780. But for the same price, which would you buy, the Dewalt or the Harbor Freight Hercules? So were they designed to do similar work for less money? At Harbor Freight, our goal is provide you with high quality tools at affordable pricing – Hercules is no exception. If so, is anything about the tools special? Guangzhou 247 International Trading Co., Ltd. Hand Tools Wire Stripping Pliers Cushion Grip 6" Construction OEM, 6" Quality Carbon Steel Matte Chrome Plated Adjustable Spanner Wrench, Hand Tools Stubby Tool Set 8oz Drop Forged Claw Hammer with Short Handle.

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