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The light is emitted from one side of the garage door to a receiving unit on the other side of the door. The garage door sensor yellow light and the green light together create a solid illumination. If you own a garage door opener by Lift Master, Chamberlain, or Craftsman, you’ll notice that the sender sensor will usually shine a yellow light and the receiver sensor will usually shine a green light. Customer Question. Garage Door Sensor Light Is Yellow, Not Letting Door Shut. If you see that the sender sensor is not yellow and the receiver sensor is not green, then this means that your sensors are probably off. I have to hold the button down while in the garage to close it … The sensor on one side of my garage door remains yellow thereby keeping my garage door from closing. If you do not see a solid illumination or your garage door is not working, the … If the path between the sensors is unbroken, the door will open and close normally.

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