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What are the performing forces for Cozzolani's Magnificat? True. The approximate dates of the Baroque period are, The Baroque period witnessed a shift in musical texture to. Which of the following characterizes Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, Music that mirrors an accompanying poem is called, What images are evoked in Spring, the first movement of the Four Seasons, the Conservatorio dell'Opserdale della Pieta in Venice, The ______ is a keyboard instrument whose strings are plucked by quills, The ____ is a keyboard form based on the principle of voices imitating each other. ____ was born in Germany and studied in Italy but spent much of his creative life in England, "Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion" from Messiah is an example of, Which of the following characterizes the "Hallelujah Chorus", Which of the following characterizes shape-note notation, Of the following, what contributes to the simplicity of Billings' David's Lamentation, What was the first book published in North America, The contemporary practice that uses shape notes is called, The first era of Western music history in which instrumental music was a major focus for composers was the. In 1741, Handel was heavily in debt following a string of musical failures. TRUE or FALSE: Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” includes a variety of textures. He never explained his actions. This preview shows page 1 - 4 out of 4 pages. How many voices, or individual lines, are there in Bach's Contrapunctus I, from The Art of Fugue? Which of the following are contrapuntal devices that alter the original theme of a fugue? Purcell's opera Dido and Aeneas was composed for: Dido's Lament from Purcell's opera Dido and Aeneas is composed: Luther believed that music belonged to the. Whether it is done on the concert stage with a large chorus and symphony orchestra or by church choirs accompanied by a pipe organ, it is the part of Handel’s Messiah that traditionally brings people to their feet. Selected Answer: d. All of the answers shown here. It is sung in English, the first part is appropriate for the christmas season, it combines vocal soloists, chorus, and orchestra, ALL OF THE ABOVE ... T/F The "Hallelujah Chorus" is the climax of the Christmas section of Messiah. Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana • MUSIC 311, University of Massachusetts, Boston • MUSIC 111, Trident Technical College • MUSIC music appr, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point • MUSIC 100. The sacred cantata was an integral part of the: Johann Sebastian Bach was most famous in his days as a performer on the, One of Bach's most important keyboard works is a set of forty-eight preludes and fugues called, What was an integral musical part of the Lutheran church service. Question 4 1 out of 1 points The orchestra for Messiah relies primarily on the Selected Answer: d. strings. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. No one knows for sure why he stood. Which of the following is Handel's most famous oratorio, frequently performed today? The “Hallelujah Chorus” is the climax of the Christmas section of ‘Messiah’. Handel’s oratorios were designed to turn a profit. Why is Messiah so popular in Britain and America today? Which of the following is Vivaldi's best known set of concertos? The most popular and most repeated modern myth is that “he was so moved” or “overcome by emotion” by the music that he felt compelled to stand. The Hallelujah Chorus is traditionally performed throughout the Christian world as part of the Easter celebration. On April 8, 1741, … Handel’s crowning achievement Messiah, was not an immediate success. Of the following, which characterizes Cozzolani’s music for the Magnificat? Part of 'Tis The Season at WQXR.. All December WQXR presents special holiday delights to make this season merry and bright. The baroque suite is characterized by which of the following? In a fugue, the technique of stating the subject in longer time values is called, In a fugue, the technique of moving the subject by the same intervals but in the opposite direction is called.

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